Hilary Duff Celebrates First Mother’s Day

New mom Hilary Duff took to Twitter on her first Mother’s Day to spread the love. “Happy mothers day to all you beautiful, hard working mommies out there!!! It’s your day!! Enjoy it!!!,” the Disney darling tweeted.

Sharing a sweet new snapshot of herself and 7-week-old son Luca Cruz, Hilary continued, “Me and my Beautiful boy! So much to be thankful for!”

The actress/singer/author, 24 – who recently said giving birth was “very easy” – went on to share the joys of motherhood.

It’s wild being a mom now, and how you feel toward your mom afterward,” Hilary said. “It definitely changes. So much just clicks. You’re like, ‘Oh I get it! I get why you told me “no” all those times. I get why you’re so protective over me.’ And it continues now, when I’m 24 and married. She still treats me like that. I just appreciate it now, because I feel like I’m going to be doing that to Luca — I just feel so protective over him. And you appreciate the hard work they put it in, because it’s definitely hard work, and the patience and the love. The list goes on and on.”


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