Peaches Geldof & Thomas Cohen Introduce Son Astala

Meet Astala Dylan Willow Cohen-Geldof!

Proud parents Peaches Geldof and Thomas Cohen introduce their bundle of joy, who was born on April 21, in the pages of UK’s Hello! magazine. Astala is the first child for the couple, who reportedly have plans to tie the knot next year.

Unlike many famous families, Thomas and Peaches say they’ve already agreed not to hire a nanny to help out at home.

“We definitely won’t have a nanny,” the 20-year-old singer recently revealed, adding, “We have already made that decision. It’ll be just us and our families looking after our baby.”

Congratulations to them again on their new son!


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  1. The name they picked out is creepy too. After 9 months of being pregnant, that’s what they came up with, Astala? Are you effin kidding me?

  2. Considering her name is Peaches, I think they could have done a lot worse. I actually think Astala is pretty cool sounding. And if he doesn’t think so when he grows up, then he can go by Dylan.

  3. And yet ANOTHER round of judgmental crankpots. Maybe if you ladies spent more time having sex and less judging every single other person on the planet, you’d be much happier.

      • Reading all the bullsh*t people write on this site can get to anyone eventually. Nobody can be positive and everyone have to berate everyone else.

      • It’s pretty frustrating to know that the world is populated by these harpies who feel it is there place to put down EVERYONE. Who behaves this way?

  4. Eva, you’re an idiot. We all know no one cares what we think but this is a forum where people leave their comments. If this bothers you, then maybe you should open up your phonics book and continue your homework.

  5. Geez, you could all just say “cute baby” and leave it at that. He’s totally adorable and I think his name is fantastic! All the best to Peaches and Tom.

  6. honest question here:

    is it healthy for a woman to look that slim less than a month after birth?
    I wouldn’t have thought it possible to be honest!

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