Rachel Uchitel Welcomes First Child: Wyatt Lilly

Congratulations to Rachel Uchitel and her husband Matt Hahn who welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday (May 15). The couple have named her Wyatt Lilly. Her rep has confirmed to Celebrity Baby Scoop that the baby was born at 5:05 p.m. and weighed at a iittle over 7 pounds.

Earlier this month, Rachel opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about choosing a baby name for her first child. “We chose a boy’s name, and I don’t think I’ve heard it used before. We loved it and thought it was such a strong name. And I have no idea where it came from – I don’t know anybody with this name. It just came to us and thought, ‘That is so beautiful for a girl’s name.’ We love it and if other people don’t like it, that’s fine. We gave her a middle name that’s very feminine to off-set it.”

Just yesterday she Tweeted: “No she’s overdue!”

It appeared on Sunday that she starting feeling contractions. She wrote: “Thank you so much!Contractions are starting to kick in,I believe..”

Rachel and Matt married in Las Vegas last October. Two months later she announced that she was five months pregnant. She became famous when her affair with Tiger Woods was discovered in December 2009.


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    • Actually I would take Maxwell (i.e. Maxie) a thousand times over WYATT and at least Maxwell was a family name compared to reasons for WYATT in article.

  1. SMH – I agree with 1000%. Don’t these idiots/celebrities realize that these kids have to live with these ridiculous choices???????

    • I think people forget names like Morgan and Lindsay were traditionally boys names. I know a woman in our playgroup who has a son named Avery (it’s a family name) and hates that we always run into lots of little girl Averys. Could you imagine in fifty years Maxwell becoming a girl’s name because of Jessica Simpson? Hopefully Wyatt will not.

  2. Ugh, another one jumping on the boy names for a girl wagon. I don’t mind some of them but Wyatt to me is way too masculine!!! And she said that herself! I don’t understand why she didn’t just save the name for a boy. It’s her choice but really just cause you like a name doesn’t mean you have to use it!

    • “just cause you like a name doesn’t mean you have to use it”
      LOL, that’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard in a long time. The ONLY reason you should use a name is because you like it! Why do you think she shouldn’t, because YOU don’t like it?
      And she didn’t save it for a boy because she said she liked it for a GIRL.
      Some of you people are just too stupid to be alive.

      • There are other things to take into consideration when naming a child besides how the parents feel. Will my child like this name? Will this name help my child in the future? Am I just being weird for attention, but my child will live with my selfishness? Yes, we are too stupid to live to think this child will want to go by Lilly (which will be a nice middle finger to her stupid parents). As stupid as we are, you are incredibly selfish and I don’t doubt your children will fear for their safety when you forget they exist. You are the kind of chick who leaves her kid in the car and goes to work. Not because you’re stupid (clearly you’re a Mensa member) but because you have better things to worry about than the crappy named kid in the car. I hope Maxwell and Wyatt get together and write really nasty books about their stupid parents. Of course, Wyatt can’t since no one knows who her parents are.

  3. Congrats to them. But at first thought Wyatt is a TOTAL boys name. Well obviously, she admitted it was. So weird… I suppose if you were around a girl with that name then you’d get use to it.

  4. I also think this is a much worse choice than Maxwell. Of course, I think the name Wyatt is just plan awful for anyone, boy or girl.

    However, I’m sure they don’t care what anyone thinks and no, I don’t think that they think ahead to the kid who has to live with this name. There’s something to be said for having a unique name, but this isn’t unique, it’s just plain dumb. Not unlike people who name their kids thngs like Kymberleigh (and then get irritated when their kid’s name is misspelled all the time). Ugh.

    • That does sound cuter. But Lily is so common. Am I the only one who is turned off by hearing the same names over and over? I think if it’s different, but not super crazy like Solo or Egypt, it’s a good choice.

  5. I noticed how all these women celebrities who have normal girl names like to name they daughters BOY names. How would they like to be named a BOY’s name? What a bunch of dimwits.

  6. You guys are so closed-minded.
    MANY girls names today were male names- Alexis, Carol, Ashley, Shannon, Kelly, and even Vivian were all BOYS names. But if someone named their son Vivian you’d all flip out right? Who are you to say what’s a boys name and what’s a girls name???
    Things change, it’s not the end of the world. Not everyone believes in following the crowd, some people have a mind of their own- and it’s a good thing!
    I’d name my daughter Wyatt before I named her Olivia or Emma or Chloe…..

    • I totally agree. I’m a woman named Robin Leslie. Both were boy’s names a generation ago and now if anybody named their son either one, you’d hear nothing but how they gave him such a feminine name and how people will make fun of him. Times change, names evolve.

      • In fact, here in UK although Robin isn’t a common name at the moment you wil
        Most likely find more male Robins than female. I actually like watt for a girl and its their choice whatever we think!

  7. She’s so full of it! Sheryl Crow as well as others have used this name Wyatt for their sons! Rachel is still 15 minutes of fame and fortune seeking! Blessings for this child who comes into the world with a target on her! May she have a good life and parents who will do the best for her!

  8. I don’t think I’ve heard it used before.Last time I checked there are three celebrity boys with that name.Sheryl Crow Larry the cable guy and Kevin constar.

  9. CBS readers have to be the most immature people on the planet. You will argue about anything!!! So it’s ok to let a pre-teen suck on your tit instead of eathing PB and J, but it’s horrible to name a girl Wyatt? I’m so glad I don’t have to be around you guys in real life.

    • Why do you presume that the people who support toddler breastfeeding are the same people who dislike this name?

  10. I can understand some names being unisex. Morgan, Bailey, Taylor, Petyon, Ryan, Jamie, Emerson, Elliott, Logan etc. But Wyatt doesn’t even have any kind of nice feminine ring to it. It seems like it’s more acceptable to name a girl a boy name but are these same celebs going to start calling their sons by girl names. I can just see a little boy being named Jessica, Rose, Sarah, Emily, Paige *eye roll*

    • Paige was actually a male name before it was female…..so who’s to say it can only be female now? What’s the ‘rule’, we can only do what everyone else is doing at the time? That’s a good thing to teach our kids.
      Why don’t you guys try to teach your kids to be proud of being different, teach them to be strong individuals? Do you really think having an uncommon name is going to ruin her life? Kids get made fun of for EVERYTHING, it’s part of life.

  11. Oh Come on, naming a girl Wyatt???? Gee people get a baby name book. $10.00. Already cursing the child wait for the bullying it will get. Seriously Lilly Wyatt would have been better.

  12. I love the name. I love boys names for girls. Remember the show Sisters? All of the sisters had boys’ names and ever since, I’ve liked the idea.

    Too bad there are so many small-minded people here. To not like it is one thing, but to call someone names because you don’t like their choice of baby name? You say you feel bad that kids will make fun of his name in school but isn’t that basically what you’re doing here as an adult? I hope none of you have children, because they are probably the ones who do the bullying based on another kid’s name.

    I’d hate for that child to get to be old enough to use the internet and accidentally discover a website where a bunch of bullies with too much time on their hands berated him before he’s even able to talk because of the name he was given.

  13. I don’t see anything wrong with her naming her daughter WYATT. It’s cute. I would like to name my daughter JAMES and my son ASHLEY. When I tell people they ask me why I’m being so complicated…I only like those names on the respected gender.

  14. Can someone tell me how she’s a celebrity again? Besides being a mistress of Tiger Woods, that happened what…3 yrs ago or longer. I just don’t get how she’s a celebrity. Has she been on reality tv or written a book or something?

  15. Wow and i thought Maxwell was bad.
    Wyatt is absolutely horrendous, i would honestly hate to be called wyatt. At least with MAxwell the nickname Maxi is cute but Wyatt is completely a boy name, on baby names websites and books it is considered a cowboy style of name.

    Wyatt is NOT passable as a unisex name, it is a out and out name for a BOY.

    I genuinely feel sorry for that sweet baby girl, im not just commenting to be a negative keyboard warrior i actually think its awfull and mean. I feel sorry for that little girl

  16. Wow. Let her name HER child whatever she wants. Stop comparing her daughter’s name to other celebrities then continue to bash Rachel as a person. Wyatt is cute and what they chose so live and let live.

  17. Um, you guys, just felt the need to mention that this little girl will have a lot more to accidentally discover on the internet about her mother and Tiger Woods than some silly people talking about her name. If I was this woman, I would get out of the public spotlight to protect my daughter from my past.


  18. I’m kind of disgusted with all the prejudice and sexism in this thread. Who cares if it’s a boy name? She’ll dress her in all PINK so ppl won’t make the horrible, horrible mistake of confusing the baby for a boy.

  19. I can’t believe you people are arguing over the name Wyatt. There are lots of unisex names that border on “masculine”–Taylor, Morgan, etc. And you’re all forgetting the REAL ISSUE at hand:
    This woman sleeps with married men! She’s a homewrecking youknowwhat! Ska*k

  20. Sometimes I think it’s cute when a girl has a traditionally boy’s name, like Drew (Barrymore) or Elliott (which to me sounds very feminine), or nicknames like Charlie (for Charlotte) or Sammy (for Samantha).
    I personally think Wyatt sounds awful for a girl, to me it is on the same level as naming a girl Stanley.

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