Giuliana & Bill Rancic: The Wheels Are In Motion For Another Baby

Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic are already planning another baby! The couple – who have been eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child this summer – revealed they already want to add to their family.

Bill, 41, confirms to Life & Style “Absolutely! We already have the plans in the works. The wheels are in motion.”

Giuliana, 36, added that they’ve been accompanying their surrogate to her doctor’s appointments.

Everything is looking great, and we’re thrilled It couldn’t be better, so knock on wood it’s all looking good!”

Bill says he knows how many children he wants.

He shared, “My wife and I declared 2012 the Year of the Rancics. If it were up to Giuliana, it would be. Two or three would be a great number. She’d want four or five. But that’s not gonna happen — not with me. Maybe her next husband!”

In a past interview with E! News – the couple were asked if this summer’s baby will be on their reality TV show.

“We’ve thought about that,” Giuliana admits. “It’s definitely come up in conversation, and it’s this sort of thing where I think we just need to have the baby first and then figure out is this going to work or not.”

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  1. So very happy that they are finally going to have a family!! I love Guilianna and have been so moved by her struggle and the strength she has shown!! Many happiness and blessings to them!!

  2. I hope and pray that you are blessed with more than one child to love. You have such amazing courage. Best Wishes

  3. I bet they will have a season that features them with the baby. Who wouldn’t want to have that documented? Their ratings would be HUGE and it would be amazing for their fans to get to see this part of their journey. We’ve followed them this far…it would be sort of cruel to all of a sudden be all private and elusive. When you choose to live your life in the public eye (especially with 5 seasons of a reality show), why stop at this point? Anyway, I know they will ultimately have to go with what’s right for them, and I do respect that. I just really love them and hope we get to see lots of their little bambino/a!

  4. It all seems so risky to have newborn children when her health is still an issue. I would think they might want to see if she reaches the 5-year cancer survival rate before adding children that might grow up motherless. But these rich parents insist on buying children now. It’s an obvious attempt to dull the pain of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, but remember these could be children that because of the foolish selfish choices of the Rancics, would lose both their birth mother and their adoptive mother, and then possibly wind up with a step-mother all before starting or completing elementary school. I hope she lives but think of the children if she doesn’t.

    • I disagree. Why would you deny a couple the choice to add to their family because of a “maybe”? This fear of not being around for your children is present in every parents mind but all you can do is hope that you’re fit and healthy enough to see them through.

    • What a horrible thing to say. They went through 2 IVFs prior to the cancer diagnosis. As someone who is dealing with infertility I find your comment about “buying children” extremely offensive. And why should they wait? Would you wait to have kids to make sure you don’t get hit by a bus or something similar? You should really think before you post such ignorant comments.

      • I agree. The comment about the five year survival rate and buying children to “dull” the pain is simply cruel. What are they supposed to do? SIt and bite their nails, waiting for five years before they go on with their lives? My Mother is a ten year Survivor of a very agressive breast cancer.

        I am a another infertility patient, through no fault of my own. I have considered Surrogacy as well or adoption and I don’t consider it “buying a baby.” We call it “family.”

        I hope Mrs. Rancic lives to see her grandchildren.

        How does one become so negative?

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