Alanis Morissette: “I’m An Attachment Parent”

New mom Alanis Morissette, 37, is the latest celebrity mom to weigh in on the parenting style that is making headlines and magazine covers.

“I’m an attachment parent,” the Grammy Award-winning singer, who has a 16-month-old son Ever with rapper husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway, said on The Billy Bush Show. “I breastfeed and I’ll be breastfeeding until my son is finished and he weans.”

I think it affords the child, when he grows up, to have a lot less therapy to go to,” the You Oughta Know singer adds. “For me, I protect his safety and his well-being and his attachment. That stage of development is a very important stage.”

Alanis went on to talk about co-sleeping with her sweet son. “We’re definitely skin-on-skin connected as much as possible,” she says.

But she assures there’s still plenty of quality intimate time with her hubby.

“He’s a very robust virile man,” Alanis says with a laugh. “You gotta take care of your husband.”


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  1. The only real problem I have with attachment parenting is the holier than thou attitude that seems to come with it. You seriously think you’ve changed how much therapy your kid will need based on breastfeeding? I think it is weird for these people to be making these huge claims on how their kids are going to turn out when they are so young. Come back when they are 18 and we will see how well adjusted they are! There is a whole lot more that goes into how kids turn out than how long they were breastfed.

  2. They do come off as smug self-righteous. I am always suspicious of people who embrace the philosophy and concepts of others for themselves and their families. She, like most of these people sound like lemmings forcing a philosophy on their children that really treat the child as some cog in a machine. Whatever works for them.

  3. These celeb parents are either one extreme or the other. Complete attachment/helicopter moms suffocating their kids OR absentee/nanny parents who never see their kids. There is no in between in Hollyweird. They are all nuts and do not live in a practical, real world environment.

  4. I personally don’t like the implications that are made about parents who aren’t as extreme as them. I think my 19 month old is a very content and well rounded child and we have a perfect bond, yet he has slept through the night in his own room from 6 months and weaned from breastfeeding with my encouragement at 8 months. I don’t think he will be any worse off in life as a result! I also don’t think it would be possible to be 24 weeks pregnant with a brother or sister nice and close in age to him if I were co-sleeping or still breastfeeding.
    Chose the parent you want to be but don’t make implications about others when you have no evidence thats even the case.

  5. I think attachment parenting is like the new scientology lol.

    No one way is better then the next. When you have a 5yr hanging off of your breast you look ridiculous not me! So have fun with your attachment “issues” 🙂

    • Attachment parenting is not new, it is funny that it is seen as a trend.
      I agree with you that toddlers beyond 2 years old should be weaned, and I am an “attachment parent”. At 2, toddlers start to see themselves as separate from their primary caretaker so I think it is the time to stop.

  6. Seriously Alanis? Breastfeeding is going to save your kid from needing therapy? Just being the child of a celebrity alone is enough to put someone in therapy as an adult, but whatever makes you feel better!

    It’s these kinds of attitudes and strong statements from attachment parents that offends others. How about being there for you child, being supportive, and providing them with a positive family life? Breastfeeding is important yes, but it surely is not the most important part of parenting.

  7. Attachment parenting is very misunderstood, it is more complicated than can be explained here in a comment. But basically, to sum it up briefly, attachment parenting is natural and human beings have mostly veered away from anything natural. It is quite amusing to read things such as “attachment parenting advocates are lemmings” when the opposite is true: parents who don’t follow attachment parenting are lemmings, they buy into the whole money-making scheme of buy this buy that. Breastfeeding is free, as is co-sleeping, etc. Only recently in our evolutionary history have we veered away from breastfeeding and co-sleeping and feel the need to constantly have our babies IN things (except our arms) such as swings, exersaucers,cribs, play-yards,walkers, etc.

    • There’s the condescending attitude, why is money always thrown up? You act as if people who don’t practice attachment parenting are all obsessed with money and buy items to separate themselves from their children. Breast milk is not free, try not buying food and see how quickly that milk goes away. As for co-sleeping, it is extremely dangerous until the child reaches a certain age. You appear to be an extremely naive person. Your comments validate what people feel about attachment parents. Condescending, intolerant, and morally superior to people trying to do the best they can. Lemmings is the perfect word you all sound the same.

    • Breastfeeding isn’t free unless you stay at home. If you plan on working (and women have to in order to live) then you had better plan on buying an overpriced breast pump, bags and bottles, breast pads and cleaning supplies. That adds up.

  8. I guess people could call me an “attachment parent” because I haven’t yet had the heart to teach my child to bottle feed instead of the breast and I want to be the person who kisses my babies booboos. I don’t really think I’m that much different from any other parent who implements what they feel is best for their children. I mean, I get it. I haven’t been able to go to the store by myself in 4 months. I’m tired, miserable, and the Prolactin is making me a wreck. I really need a break. Attachment parenting is rough and it’s not for everyone. Formula moms and mainstream parents… don’t defend yourselves. Just know in your heart that you are doing the best that you can and know that you will have a great relationship with your babies.

  9. She’s doing what she feels is best for her son. Isn’t that what everyone does? I don’t think she’ sounds self-righteous at all. Don’t we ALL think our way is the best way? If we didn’t, why would we do things that way?

    • You are missing the part where she claims her way will result in less therapy for her kid. It’s one thing to think you are doing what is best for YOUR child, it’s an entirely different thing to come out and proclaim your child will turn out better than kids who aren’t raised YOUR way when you haven’t even successfully raised the child yet!

      • So what? Who cares what she claims? She thinks her child will be more secure for it. Don’t you think your child will be more secure because of your way of parenting? Some people think their kids will be healthier without eating dairy products. Some people think their kids are better off with/without preschool. Some people swear their kids will be smarter with Baby Einstein.

        The only people I can see getting upset by someone else’s method of parenting are those that really haven’t given much thought to whether or not they’re doing the best thing for their kids.

  10. The reason they say attachment parenting results in less therapy is because a lot of people in therapy complain about their childhood and how their parents didn’t love them and weren’t there or affectionate. I don’t know why people have to be so insecure about their parenting all the time. I’m not an attachment parent and I don’t find her statement offensive its a bit tongue and chic if you ask me. I do find it offensive though when people critic breastfeeding and then breastfeeding mothers aren’t allowed to open their mouths.

    • Absolutely! Look around you and watch how most of the people you know interact with their kids (of all ages). Affectionate is not the word I’d used to describe the way most people treat their kids.

      (Now, I have a theory as to WHY that is and why celebrity advice always rankles people, too)

  11. Attachment parenting isn’t some new fad. Since the dawn of man this is how we’ve raised our young. They were a part of every single aspect of your life until they were of an age when they could be afforded independence. Just because there’s an article in a mainstream magazine doesn’t mean parents haven’t been parenting this way for, like, EVER! My parenting philosophies mirror the attachment route however I am not smug or on a high horse. I only know that this way is the way that works best for MY FAMILY!

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