Jessica Simpson’s First Postpartum Outing

After welcoming daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, Jessica Simpson made her first public appearance just two weeks later for her runway show. “Getting anxious for the season finale of Fashion Star!!” Jess tweeted. “I can’t wait to see the Jessica Simpson Collection on the runway!! Butterflies!”

After the show, the glowing new mom posed for the above photo with her mother Tina backstage, which she posted to Twitter with the caption, “Mommy we did it!!!!”

If you were hoping to see pictures of her “insanely beautiful” daughter, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer as Jessica and fiancé Eric Johnson have sold the first images to People magazine for a cool $850,000.

Jessica seems to adjusting well to motherhood, telling her Twitter followers last week: “I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Despite having a newborn baby to tend to, the entrepreneur continues to expand her fashion empire with a new maternity collection.

I’m so excited to partner with Destination Maternity to design a collection of fashionable styles that make you look and feel great,” Jessica said. “You want to wear clothes that are flattering to your baby bump; you want to show off your bump.”

The collection is reasonably priced starting at just $36 up to $100. The line will be available in all 700 of Destination Maternity’s stores across the US.


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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought she had terrible maternity style – big baggy outfits with sky high heels. Super unflattering and unrealistic for normal people (the heels). Why would anyone want her designing maternity clothes?!

  2. She looks amazing for having a baby just one month ago and clearly, she is getting some sleep too. Maxwell must be a great sleeper or perhaps her dad is taking some of the night feedings.
    Not sure if I would purchase any of her maternity clothes, I thought she had horrible style while pregnant. Seemed like she wore a lot of mumus and heels – not flattering!
    Glad she has time for business and motherhood, many women struggle with that. She is a very fortunate young woman.

  3. Is it really that hard to believe Jessica looks great 2 wks postpartum? I’m 4’11, indulged during my pregnancy & gained 60 lbs. 2 wks postpartum people couldn’t believe I looked so good. I had a 9lb baby & was carrying tons of fluid.
    Jessica definitely looks postpartum on this pic & like she’s easily still carrying a good extra 30lbs. Give her a break- I’m sure someone gave you all one after you gave birth. Or is everyone here a celeb mom & came out of the hospital smaller than when you went in?

  4. The entire show was taped before she was pregnant. Does no one check facts before submitting an article?

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