Laird Hamilton & Reece: Catching Some Cali Sun

Famous surfer Laird Hamilton and his 8-year old daughter, Reece, were on the mainland on Thursday (May 17) taking care of some errands. The Men’s Journal columnist – who is married to professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece – was chatting on his cell phone as Reece walked alongside him.

The athletic family – along with Reece’s 4-year old sister Brody Jo – split their time between their two residences – one in Hawaii and one in California.

Earlier this year, Gabby shared some insight into the family’s life via the Laird Life Blog.

“Yeah tell them Brody my four year old got a boogie board for Christmas and she brings it to the beach, and won’t ride it since she doesn’t want to get it wet,” the 6’3” female model typed as her hubby spoke.

“My eight year old Reece asked for her first surfboard much to my delight. My oldest daughter Bela who goes to a very hard school, and is in the eleventh grade has made the honor role again.” Hamilton joked, “It makes me mind her 16 year old attitude a lot less.”


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