Paris & Blanket Jackson Catch A Movie

Paris Jackson, 14, and her brother Blanket, 10, were joined by friends and bodyguards at the movies in Calabasas, Calif. on Friday (May 18). Blanket carried a Batman figure while his big sis joked with her pals before the flick.

On Tuesday we spotted the Jackson siblings – including big brother Prince, 15 – at a Los Angeles Starbucks.

It’s been nearly three years since the death of their famous father Michael Jackson. In a recent interview, the King of Pop’s mother Katherine Jackson opened up about the tragic loss.

Every morning, all through the day, I think about Michael,” she said on Monday night’s Piers Morgan Tonight. “If I wake up through the night, my mind is there.”

When Morgan asked if she’d ever “get over” her son’s death, she replied, “Never.”

“I just miss him,” she continued. “But being a Christian and believing in resurrection, I feel that I’ll see him again.”

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  1. Blanket’s really sprouted up in the last few months. He’s getting so tall! He’s starting to dress like Prince used to dress. 🙂 Cute. I love that the kids are all close and hang out with each other’s friends. Really cool. Michael did a great thing with his kids, obviously encouraging his kids to not just be siblings but friends. They’re growing up so fast. Can’t believe next month marks the 3rd anniversary of Michael’s passing. Can’t imagine what it must be like for them to go through life without their dad. I also can’t imagine how awful it is for them to be followed everywhere they go by the paparazzi. I wish they’d back off and let those kids live a normal life.

  2. The girl dose not need all that make up, her eyes are prettier and stand out more without all that crap around them.

    • I agree in addition to it being too much makeup and not necessary I also think 14 is too young to wear makeup beyond occasional blush, lip gloss and perhaps mascara.

    • How old is she 13? 14? She looks tacky and overdone for her age. The boy needs a haircut and a name change. Better yet, find out who his mother and father are and send him to them.

      • While I agree she doesn’t need to be wearing allt hat makeup at 14, she doesn’t need to go anywhere but where she is. Michael was their father by law, and he was the only father they ever knew. Just because you don’t think they are biological Jacksons doesn’t mean they’re not. Even if they weren’t, should every biological child go to their biological parent? No.

      • Exactly, she is a teenager, an age where kids experiment with their style, leave her alone.
        Blanket is just a nickname and there’s nothing wrong with his hair.
        Your last comment is just plain stupid. Having the same DNA doesn’t qualify someone to suddenly be a parent, Michael is their father because HE brought them up. Why bring strangers into their lives just because they’re supposedly ‘related’?

    • Do you know anything about genetics?! Try googling Rashida Jones….. She is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, a BLACK man and WHITE woman, and she has the same hair and complexion as Paris.

      • Quincy Jones did a DNA test and he has over 30% white ancestry. He has numerous children all with white women, and only one of them might be mistaken for white. You only have to look at Rashida’s facial features and see that she looks just like her father. The same cannot be said about the white children that Michael Jackson bought. And if he was such a great parent he would have stuck around to raise them instead of jetting his jollies from anesthesia. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Ever heard of adoption? Surrogacy? Apparently not.
      Here’s a story for you: my adoptive grandparents were amazing and I’ve never thought of them as any different because we’re not biologically related. My bio grandparents on the other side of the family: never met them, and they’ve never, ever, expressed any interest in contacting me either. My point: DNA doesn’t mean a thing.

  3. Paris is certainly beautiful but I’m sure Michael would be less than pleased with her excessive eye makeup. I’ve seen pictures of her without it she’s just as stunning.
    Lighten up, people, with criticising. Blanket likes his hair long. Is that a crime? Geez! Now in addition to the continuing “bullying” of their dead father, people are starting on them. You know what you should all do? STOP! Look in the mirror and concentrate on YOU! Unless you are perfect, you have no right to find fault with someone else.

  4. Paris USED to look pretty, when she didn’t wear all that MAKEUP. Now she looks just plain ugly and TOO made up. She should try acting her age. :/

    • She’s not ugly. Paris IS acting her age, experimenting with makeup (and sometimes doing it too heavy). Every young woman has been through the trial and error of figuring out makeup. Tomorrow she will be doing something different.

  5. Paris USED to look pretty, when she didn’t wear all that MAKEUP. Now she looks just plain ugly and TOO made up. She should try acting her age. :/

  6. Paris is by no means ugly. She’s obviously experimenting with makeup. I did the same at her age. I looked like a total fool putting glitter on my eyelids and stuff like that. I looked awful. I think she’s a beautiful young lady, and she doesn’t need makeup, but she’s not the first 14 year old girl to experiment with makeup, and she won’t be the last.

    • When I was a teenager in the 70s, it was bright blue eyeshadow all the time! LOL… I look at photos now and think, “What was I thinking?!?!”, but it’s all a part of growing up.

      The people who complain about this are the same people who want everybody to be a cookie-cutter of everyone else. Stop picking on a teenager for heaven’s sake!

      • OH man, I can barely look at some of the pix of myself in my teens without cringing. Haha..

        Paris doesn’t need makeup at all. She’s naturally a very beautiful young lady. But hey, she’s not hurting anybody. She’ll tone it down eventually, I’m sure.

        • When I was a teen – and here I date myself – it was white eyeliner by Yardley. Hysterical pictures now but I thought I was one pulled together gal. Paris is having a good time with it and I think as you do, that it will eventually tone down.

  7. I am a teen and quite frankly, I hate to see other teens dressing up like this and putting on so much makeup. Gosh, she looks older than me even though I am only a year away from graduating High School!

  8. Anon, dressing like what, exactly? She’s covered up. Her makeup is a bit much, but I’ve seen worse. She’s not dressing trashy or anything, so leave her alone. The makeup thing will sort itself out in time, I’m sure.

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