Elizabeth Banks & Family At Farmer’s Market

What to Expect When You’re Expecting star Elizabeth Banks sipped and strolled with her husband, sportswriter and producer Max Handelman, and their 1-year-old her son Felix on Sunday (May 20). The family-of-three enjoyed a sunny afternoon at the farmer’s market in Los Angeles, Calif.

The Hunger Games actress recently opened up about welcoming her first child. “Just over a year ago, my son Felix was born via gestational surrogacy,” Elizabeth wrote. “He came out of me nine months early and because of my broken belly, his babycake was baked in a wonderful angel’s oven and now — I can’t believe it — he’s a year old and walking. He has expanded my capacity for joy a thousand-fold.”

Although she has not experienced pregnancy, she had a lot of fun wearing a fake baby bump in her current hit movie What to Expect.

It weighs a good 10 lbs,” Elizabeth laughed. “The boobs weigh about 6 lbs. They are really unbelievable. It’s fun. It definitely makes you sit and walk in a totally different way. As an actor, it’s a great prop.”

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