Kate Gosselin Claims Children “Miss Filming”

It seems former reality television star Kate Gosselin‘s eight children – 11-year-old twins Cara and Mady and 8-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel – are missing being part of the limelight.

“They really honestly miss filming,” Kate shares in a recent (May 21) appearance on the Today show. “They’ve been saying, ‘When are we going to go here or there? We miss the crew.'”

Although their contract is over, Kate hints that there may be ideas for another show brewing.

“We’re hoping to move forward and do more projects,” she reveals. “Fans are begging [to see more]. ‘They’ve grown up, they turned eight. What are you doing [now]?'”

So how the eight munchkins doing?

“Everyone is excelling school across the board,” the proud mom gushes. “We’ve had a great school year.”

Although the family wouldn’t mind more time in the spotlight, Kate claims that everyone is fairly content with life at home. Even things with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin are going well.

“He’s really been positive and more available,” Kate says of her former spouse. “[Jon] is working with me and the kids notice it. I’ve always wanted that peace for them . . .and we’re finally to a point where it’s happening.”


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  1. I’m glad they’re finally getting their act together.

    No surprise that the kids would miss ‘their old lives’ since they’ve been filming since birth.

  2. Sure they do. You miss filming or the paycheck???? Maybe instead of treating your husband like a moron you should have been a better wife. We the public lost interest in you and your show. I was a big fan, watched every week, But it got so bad I changed the channel like most of us did. Can not blame your viewers blame yourselves. Became money hungry and forgot the real reason for the show. Good luck Kate.

  3. So sad really. Kate appears to be so desperate and pathetic. She is relentless about keeping her family in the tabloids and will stop at nothing until some horrible event takes place. Kate, a word of advice, please take some public speaking courses, acting classes, get involved in family and individual therapy.

      • It was a hypothetical, along the lines of “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”. As in, she’s desperate to keep her family in the public eye, and it’s inevitably going to lead to something bad happening.

        • Gene Simmons keeps his family in the public eye. So does Tori Spelling. Is something awful going to happen to them too?

          • Are you asking if anyone here can literally predict the future? Give me a break. No one is making specific predictions about what will happen. But it’s obvious that putting your family on TV causes tons of problems for people, and especially for children who can’t consent to having their privacy violated. There’s already been evidence that the kids have behavioral problems. Even if there is no specific bad event that happens, I would wager good money that these kids’ therapy bills will be through the roof and there will be at least a few tell-all books about how damaging their childhoods were. If I were a parent there is no amount of money you could pay me to violate my childrens’ privacy the way these parents have.

  4. I don’t think they miss the filming, I think they miss what comes with the filming. Outings and people to talk to and play with.

  5. Kate needs to move forward, instead of selling out her children again. With the cancellation of her cruise, I’m afraid that she will try to live of her kids backs again.

  6. Ya they miss having the crew around and filming because mommy pays attention to them when the cameras are on, but really it seems Kate is the one that misses being on TV that why she keeps going on these shows or giving interviews in hope of getting another on. Instead of just going away and moving on with her life and appreciateing that experience, she disided to be greedy and what more at the expense of her kids.

  7. Maybe Kate should do what Ozzie and Harriet Nelson did…make their sons their co-stars on their radio(and later TV)show. One might be a musical prodigy and another might grow up to be an actor and movie producer.

    • Hey Jeff, the difference is Ozzie and Harriet Nelson actually had entertainment talent, as their children did. Neither Jon, Kate, or the Gosselin kids have talent. The Gosselin children have academic and behavior issues. And Jon and Kate are both dysfunctional and keep putting themselves out there in the tabloids. Most people try to protect their children from tabloid drama and are not the disclosing party. Quite tragic.

  8. I betcha those kids don’t feel free to say they don’t miss filming. I don’t know that they’re comfortable speaking their minds if it conflicts with their crazy azz mother’s point of view. The moron needs to nut up and get a job to support the kids, just like Jon has, and like most of us do. Whining on the today show is not a good plan for finding employment.

  9. the kids are fun On camera
    Kate NO
    my gosh what a mean spirited complaining stuck up snob snooty Smug bitter woman !!
    The way she treated her husband was demeaining and belitting then he left she was still the same, instead of being grateful TLC got her a huge House, Trips, etc, there she was on every show complaining

  10. SHE misses filming. I wouldn’t doubt that she’s trying to brainwash the kids to make them think they miss it. She needs to feed her ego and her bank account. It’s obvious she has no acting abilities and I just can’t understand what she doesn’t get. Her show was canceled because people were tired of seeing her and her narcissistic behavior. What could she possibly do as another reality show when people wanted her off the air before?
    Just sayin’.

  11. I think Kate has become a better Mom after all that she went thru. Without the issues with Jon she was able to focus on being happy with her kids!!

    • Are you as delusional and out of touch as Kate Gosselin? Kate is a nut just based on the fact she does not see reality, funny because she was on the realist reality show out there. Please I beg someone to do an intervention with this crazy 8 woman.

  12. The kids miss going places. It is not up to a television show to make sure the kids go places. You can still do that Kate, it is up to the parents. We are a big family and my husband works every weekend, and everyweekend I take my kids on an outing and during the school holidays I take them camping.

    • So she should take her kids on the same kind of trips? How can she do that when everyone keeps telling her to get a “real” job? Do you have any idea what it costs to take 9 people camping in Alaska?

  13. Jon’s book is coming out and Kreider is afraid. She’s running around to all the people who will listen and setting herself up as the nice one, the victim of Jon’s book. Read her words about Jon carefully. Does she ever take ownership of the problems? Nope. Each statement is throwing Jon under the bus, again, like she has for the past 3 years. She’ll never change.

  14. As for her kids are doing good in school, she said that one before and two of the kids were kick out more the half of what this woman says is lies.

  15. Here’s the reason why they miss it.

    With no show means Kate has to pay for a trip on her own probably pay for own nannies, babysitters, security etc. With TLC it was paid for – all of it. Now there is no paycheck. Imagine trying to take a vacation alone with your 8 kids?

    Maybe the kids do miss it – it was a part of their lives since birth. But who is kidding who, Kate misses the $$$ and the fame. That’s what it was all about.

    I actually don’t miss the show. I started to lose interest before the divorce but even after the kids were annoying, Mady was always crying or throwing a tantrum, and like always Kate was yelling. Why do I want to sit there and watch that when that’s practically a daily thing in most peoples lives without the tv on?!

  16. There’s really no reason they wouldn’t miss the people whom they had grown accustomed to seeing on a daily basis. No shock in that.

  17. Like her or not, plastic surgery/exercise/diet or not, you have to admit one thing. She is certainly looking good in the picture.

  18. Of course, kids would miss filming because they had so many other people around, they went to very many different places… I think Kate Gosselin did a great job as a mother because she did provide for her 8 kids. What could she have without her TLC show? Living in some 3-bedroom house on a nurse salary with a husband who does not bring much money? Now her kids go to a private school, they live in a huge house with a pool, so Kate really did a lot for them.

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