Tori Spelling’s Shopping Buddy

Expectant mom Tori Spelling brought along a little helper as she ran a few errands today: Her son Liam! The funny 5-year-old hung out in the cart while mom shopped, but jumped out when it came time to load the car.

The reality star’s son has been keeping everyone entertained lately with his interesting observations. Here’s one that Tori shared earlier this month: “Mom is milk gonna come out of ur boobs now?” she recalled Liam asking. “‘I said ‘no not till baby’ he said ‘why do they look so hard?’ ahhhh ‘Silicone Son!'”

Belated birthday wishes to Tori, who turned 39 last week. The mom-of-three (soon to be four!) took to Twitter to thank fans and friends for their messages, writing that she celebrated it by spending “a lovely day with the family.”

Tori and her husband Dean McDermott are also parents to daughters Stella and Hattie.

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  1. She looks like a drag queen, or a transgender who couldn’t afford the proper facial surgery.

  2. Tori is now officially paparzzi’ing herself. If you notice there are no photo credits on this photo, she usually uses Splash or Startraks, but when you pull and drag these photos off they are credited “TS1” “TS2” as in Tori Spelling…

  3. The Spelling/McDermotts are just another Hollywood FREAK SHOW! I find them offensive, dishonest, weird and trashy.

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