Nicole Sullivan’s Bikini Season Tips: “Women Are Too Hard On Themselves”

Actress and Jenny Brand Ambassador Nicole Sullivan has maintained her 35-pound weight loss, and now she’s sharing her best bikini season tips.

The proud mom to sons Dash, 5, and Beckett, 2 1/2, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her upcoming summer plans, her best advice for looking and feeling great, and the joys of having a relaxing and low-key Mother’s Day.

CBS: Tell us about your recent appearance at More magazine/ Fitness Magazine Health & Wellness Expo in New York.

NS: “What a fun day that was! It was great being around all these awesome gals that are into exercise. Three years ago I would have been rolling my eyes at them – now I’m asking what brand of sneakers they run in. And it was great to get to tell my story of my weight battles, and how Jenny Craig helped me finally figure them out.”

CBS: What are your summer plans with the family?

NS: “We went camping with my older son’s preschool class this past weekend. Imagine 50 kids under 6. Oooof! We are also going to Connecticut to visit my cousins and their kids. We do it every year and it’s always so fun. We get to say things like, ‘Kids go outside and play.’ ”

CBS: What are some of your favorite summertime memories as a kid?

NS: “Some of my favorite memories growing up are camping with my family and our dog. And I still love it! As I mentioned, my husband and I took them camping this past weekend with some other preschool families and we had a blast. We took a great hike up to a waterfall. And the best part was no one got poison oak!”

CBS: How do you plan to keep in bikini shape over the summer?

NS: “Run, run, and run some more! I’m training for a half-marathon in late July. And I want to keep myself in shape to finish that. And I swore I’d start doing sit-ups again. So hopefully that’ll kick in soon. Does anyone want to come over and dangle a piece of pizza in front of me so I’ll do sit-ups and take bites?”

CBS: What are some good tips for those of us dreading bikini season?

NS: “The most important thing we all need to remember is that people are not sitting around waiting to judge you. Women are too hard on themselves! We all have lumps and bumps! I’m not telling you to ‘learn to love them.’ That’s crazy… I’m never gonna love my cellulite. But I’ve learned to focus less on it. And I concentrate on areas of my body that are good! Which are a lot more areas than before I lost 35 pounds.”

CBS: What did you do for Mother’s Day? What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

NS: “Mother’s Day means I don’t cook, clean, or change a diaper. Instead I get to have breakfast with my family, then go swimming with them, then read them stories, then hand them to daddy so mommy can read her magazines! I read my magazines soooooo slowly. I take in every nugget about Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton. It’s heaven!”


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  1. Does this woman have shares in CBS or something? No one knows who she is, and her credits are just guest roles in a few TV shows, and yet she keeps having these CBS exclusives.

    • Who you expect to see giving “exclusives” to CBS – A-listers like Angelina Jolie or Gwyneth, Sandra Bullock, etc.? Dream on. I don’t know anything about Ms. Sullivan, but these “exclusives” are generally from D-listers and people from reality shows.

  2. Uh.. I’m pretty sure that PLENTY of people know who she is. Just off the top of my head, I can tell you that she was on Mad TV and the King of Queens for years. Just because YOU don’t know who someone is, doesn’t mean everyone ELSE doesn’t know.

  3. She also had her own TV show Called Rita Rocks on Lifetime, she did the for voice Kim Possible, Buzz Lightyear and the show she on now is “the penguins of madagascar” She dose the voice of Marlene.

  4. I find it so surprising that she and I have chosen to give our children the same names! I have a 10 year old son named Dash and a 7 year old son named Beckett…bizzarro. She’s a great comedic actress and obviously an excellent baby namer; )

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