Report: Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Expecting Second Child

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are expecting their second child, according to via NESN.

The Brazilian supermodel hit the scene with a well-disguised baby bump according to Vivian Masutti, who writes for Brazil’s Agora newspaper. “Those responsible for dressing the model at recent events noticed changes in Gisele’s body,” Masutti stated.

Gisele has opened up to close friends and family about the pregnancy, according to Masutti.

The couple are already parents to 2-year-old son, Benjamin, and Brady has a 4-year-old son, Jack, from a previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan.

We can’t wait to hear the updated news!

Thanks to CBS reader klutzy_girl!


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    • I’m certain Gisele is glad to know you think her persona is so amazing that people have to take very seriously every quote she says. I hope you know that Gisele have gived you the freedom to chose whatever you want to do with your time.

      Now going to the real issue. The pregnancy isn’t confirmed by anyone, but I think it’s true. Is more than obvious in recent pictures there is a bump hidden.

    • You know, you *could* just not read article about her.

      Ohhhhh, but then you’d never be able to be self-righteous about her being self-righteous. Got it.

  1. She totally is I noticed her bump in the dress above at The Met Gala!
    Her tummy is usually flat as a board, so there’s no excuse for any bloat on her other than…
    congrats. I earned more respect for them as a “celeb couple” when I saw how private they have been with Benjamin. Im glad they didnt do the tabloid shoot with him and Gisele never tweets pictures of him 24/7 like some. I respect that.

  2. Oh brother….we get to her more from super mom and how we should all be as wonderful as her. Let’s just crown her the winner of pregnancy and motherhood!

    • Celebrities much less the #1 Supermodel in the World who will become the first Supermodel to become a billionaire don’t need your validation or approval much less redemption about their opinions.

      People are allowed to have their own opinions. She gave a magazine her own thoughts about subjects just like other celebs, and just because she doesn’t pander to the general public doesn’t make her a witch.

      At least she’s honest whereas other celebs and people pander to society, and never tell like it is because they fear they’ll be criticized and ridiculed by insecure people who don’t have any audacity and courage in life.

      I think you’re overly sensitive about her commentary which is harmless.

      So what if she said that women act like they’re garbage disposals? It’s true that many women overeat during pregnancy.

      I think she says what’s on her mind, and doesn’t act PC like other fake celebrities who kiss their fans or the general public’s butt to get them to buy their music or see their movies.

      It’s refreshing.

      If you feel insecure or inadequate because of what celebs say in interviews, then maybe you need to address your issues.

  3. yes she does look thicker than usual in that picture! (for her) her arms,face and tummy. Probably why she opted for a black gown too. Congrats to them. I’m sure they built that mega mansion for their growing family plans. I’ve heard Tom and Gisele both say they want a large family since they both grew up with tons of siblings running around.

  4. Oh great, I wonder how long until she climbs back up on her high horse and starts running her mouth again?

  5. they do make cute babies/kids. if she would just keep her mouth shut, would be better. she is not the only woman on the planet to have a baby, she is not perfect (no matter what everyone tells her), she is a normal human being.
    so shut up, enjoy your life and babies and let the rest of us make our own decisions based on our opinions and beliefs.

    • She never said or implied she was the only woman to give birth.
      She never said or implied she was perfect.
      She never said or implied she was anything other than normal.
      She never said or implied that she wanted to make decisions for you.

      She wants people, most especially women, to be educated about their childbearing and childrearing choices. Just people sites such as this one only pull out the quotes that, taken out of context, will inflame the masses is not her fault.

      Who could argue for less intervention during normal childbirth? Who could argue that a woman taking control of her childbirth and having the final say is a bad thing? Who could argue that breastfeeding is bad?

      If you feel inferior, it could just be that you ARE inferior, which is why her comments bother so many.

    • Why are famous people not allowed to talk about their beliefs and opinions? I’m not sure how I understand why she should not be allowed to say anything. If she says something you disagree with you have every right to disagree and point out why you think she’s wrong, but you don’t really have any right to tell her to shut up. Her opinions are just as valid as yours.

    • As far I know Gisele have no idea how much important she is in your life. She has thanks to the press the knowledge that Human Beings are easily manipulated.

  6. Oh no is Gisele going to tell women they should be thrown into jail again because they didn’t breastfeed for six months! Even though some women can’t breastfeed!

    • Do you seriously think that’s what she said?

      (And by the way, there is no breastfeeding advocate alive who thinks less of women who don’t breastfeed because they CAN’T breastfeed.)

  7. Oh great! The woman who says women should be thrown into jail. Calls women garbage disposals. And much much more. I wonder if their child will have light eyes this time! Gisele and Toms son Benjamin has brown eyes and brown hair! Yet both Gisele and Tom have blue eyes and light hair. I wonder if it will happen again maybe their next son could come out biracial looking like black or something!

    • She didn’t call women garbage disposals. See, this is how this nonsense starts, when people pay no attention to the real quote and instead just make up their own.

    • I bet Gisele is glad to know she is a tremendously important person not just in your life but she has also the power to change legislation where you live so she can control minds with expertise. I think you should start to pray because Diva Gisele will put some mothers in jail for neglecting their children to spend time on internet. Didn’t you notice the sarcasm?
      Seriously, you should stop being a puppet. You make Gisele feel proud of herself. Go live your life how you want, go raise your children however you want. Gisele can’t stop you.
      Why do you have an obsession with cheating and with genetic face and hair features? You’re a looney just like Gisele.

  8. LOL just dont read her (seemingly massively) read interviews. or better yet, DO read her (real and full) interviews and not just the gossip sites picking apart the pieces they would like to share to sell their stories. Problem solved.
    Hello Boston gals.

  9. You women should read her REAL interviews. Not just the bits and pieces the tabloids decide to publish to sell their papers. She has many clever smart things to say too, but I guess it just doesn’t sell as well. and please she does not think she is perfect if you read her interviews. I’ve heard her make fun of her nose,eyes,etc while other models will blatantly talk about how perfect they are. Their interviews just dont get scrutinized to the bone like hers do.

  10. Well if some women dont like her for it being 2012 and having a freedom of speech, than that is your issue to work on, not hers. I’ve read her blog and have seen plenty of healthcare professionals such as Doctors,pediatricians,breastfeeding advocates,skin cancer doctors posting on it and thanking her for putting issues out there they have been sharing with their patients for years. Sometimes it takes a celeb with a platform to speak up to bring light to certain things. I love celebs who speak up and take risks instead of being lame fake PR products !! I also read American Homebirthing is on the rise recently because of the influence celebrity moms have had. If you read her blog she states every mother is different and should choose how they feel. is that a crime? quit reading malicious gossip articles. She’s just sharing her views on her blog and in interviews. No one is forcing you to read it.

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