Jillian Michaels Welcomes Two Children: Lukensia & Phoenix!

Congrats are in order for fitness trainer Jillian Michaels and her partner Heidi Rhoades!

Jillian was recently blessed with 2-year-old daughter Lukensia – who she brought home from Haiti after a painfully long adoption process – and newborn son Phoenix – who Heidi, 31, gave birth to on May 3rd in Los Angeles, Calif.

“We’re swimming in babies over here,” the 38-year-old gushes to PEOPLE magazine.

“I don’t even answer email. I don’t have time to care about anything else,” she notes, making reference to the fact that in an incredible twist of fate, Heidi delivered Phoenix the same week Lukensia arrived from Haiti. “I want to be really present and enjoy all the nuances of their growth and development. I don’t want to rush any of it.”


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  1. So cool! Under her tough exterior, who knew she was such a softie! Motherhood is so incredible…congrats to her! She really seemed to want it so badly.

  2. Wasn’t she adopting from the Congo? That what she said last year and I thought Haiti adoption was closed after the earthquake?

  3. I’m sorry but she is not “mom” to the baby boy. You can only have one mom on a birth certificate so I never understood how same sex couples can legally claim they are mom or dad to a child?

    • That’s a bit closed minded. My uncle was raised by two gay men and I don’t think most people in this day and age have a problem saying someone has two moms or two dads. Just because your name isn’t on a birth certificate doesn’t mean you aren’t a parent. My “father” on my birth certificate has been in my life a grand total of 6 months in 25 years. There are plenty of other men I would rather call dad.

    • She is his mom. Its called a second parent adoption, almost all same sex couple know their options when it comes to adopting their partners bio kids. Its comes in our hand book 😉

    • I think if Jillian legally adopts Phoenix, she can be listed as a parent on the birth certificate. I know she can’t be listed as the father on the birth certificate, so maybe she will be listed as “legal parent”, “legal guardian” or something similar.

    • Ooooh lord… you don’t understand or you don’t want to understand?? You REALLY need someone to explain to you??

    • stop being so narrow minded and step in from the dark ages you seem to live in. the kids have two mommies who take care of them and love them and that’s all they need.

    • Same-sex parenting is no longer controversial. And of course same-sex parents can both legally claim to be mom or dad – you obviously know nothing about the law. Take your ignorant, bigoted ideas somewhere else.

    • Well, adopted children technically have two moms or dads (birth parents and adopted parents) and step-parents are often closer to children than birth parents as well. The point is that she will be taking a parental role in that child’s life, ie being a “mom.”

    • LOL! It shouldn’t be too hard to understand. Instead of having 2 parents who are different genders, the children have 2 parents who are the same gender.

    • My daughter has two dads, her adopted dad and her biological dad. Its possible and you don’t have to be gay.

  4. you CAN have two mothers or two fathers on a Canadian birth certificate. i wish my American friends could have the same right.

    a ‘mother’ isn’t necessarily someone who physically gives birth to a child. a mother is a female parent. you can have two parents.

    i am very happy for Jillian and Heidi. she tried very hard to adopt from the Congo, adoption (international or domestic) is often a very complicated, lengthy road. her family is beautiful.

    • “i wish my American friends could have the same right. ”

      The laws that govern it are state-based, not federal, so they do have that right in certain more enlightened states. Unfortunately many of our states are still very backward and governed by right-wing religious nuts.

  5. “a ‘mother’ isn’t necessarily someone who physically gives birth to a child”

    See, in my mind, that is exactly what a mother is. A MOM, on the other hand, soothed fevers or changes or helps with homework or whatever. Same difference between a father and a dad.

    Congrats to Heidi and Jillian, I am sure you’ll be excellent MOMS!

  6. No time to answer emails, but why this fotoshoot when the kids have just arrived? In the clip the poor kid looks kind of in shock, this doesn’t seem like the best thing to do when your adoptive child just arrived from another country and has only just met two new mothers and a newborn brother.

  7. They sure welcomed that second one fast. I would think that they would have wanted to wait a bit so the older one could get well adjusted.

    • Do you know anything about adoption? You can’t plan – it can a long time and you never know exactly when the child will arrive. Getting pregnant is also not something you can just decide to do and it happens exactly when you want it to, especially when you’re relying on artificial insemination or IVF or whatever they had to rely on. It can take many tries, even months or years. You just have to take things as they happen and can’t try to rigidly plan everything because it just doesn’t work that way.

    • Obviously you know NOTHING about adoption. The process goes on for quite some time (often years) and when you finally get to nod to go get your child, you go get your child.

      Would you rather have had them leave their daughter in an orphanage in Haiti for a few more months? Or perhaps Heidi should have tried not to give birth at full term and stayed pregnant for 50 or 60 weeks???

      • Perhaps they should have focused on one child first.
        It’s not like their biological baby was an “oops” baby.

      • Perhaps they should have focused on one child first.
        It’s not like their biological baby was an “oops” baby.

      • You often have such great replies! lol

        It’s so funny how people reveal thier prejudices. Clearly what they mean is she doesn’t “look gay.” Which is absurd and offensive.

        • Clearly you don’t know what the other posters meant ether trying to correct someone. What they meant was that it seems like her being gay was publicly known and they did know that about her simple as that nothing offensive about it. She has in the past come out and talk about the fact that she bisexual, just like she talk about her weight issues. Your right It’s so funny how people reveal thier prejudices you should really try looking in the mirror before you talk about others.

      • Wow You love to get B* tchy over the simplest things, they were harmless statements and you had to go overboard as usual.

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