Madonna & Daughter Lourdes Announce New Face Of Material Girl Line

Georgia May Jagger – the 20-year-old daughter of musical icon Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall – is the the new face of the junior fashion collection line Material Girl inspired and designed by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes.

“To be handpicked by Madonna and Lola as the new face of Material Girl is truly amazing,” Georgia says in a press release. “I’ve always admired Madonna’s style and I’m thrilled to be working with them.”

Georgia will join the ranks of past Material Girls Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen to promote the junior brand found exclusively at Macy’s in the United States, The Bay in Canada and soon-to-be launched in Europe and Australia.


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  1. Georgia looks more like Madonna than the other girl perhaps that is why Madge chose her. They look like mother/’daughter.

  2. WOW! What a shocker! You would’ve thought celebs would choose another celeb kid for such an honor. How rare is that? I suppose if Mick Jagger or Jerry Hall creates some sort of fashion brand, they’ll return the favor and choose Lourdes. Gee I wonder why they didn’t choose stunningly beautiful Kelly Osbourne.

  3. Kelly Osborne was the spokes face person for Material Girl its in the article
    I guess Madonna is not rich enough by now

    • “I guess Madonna is not rich enough by now”

      What an obtuse comment. I guess people that say those type of things are perhaps the ones that didn’t amount to very much in life. If it was only about being “rich enough” she could have stopped a year or two after she made it big in the ’80s. But you know, she has goals, passions, and drive that have helped her have one of the most successful and enduring careers ever.

      She’s a brilliant businesswoman and she runs an empire that gives jobs & supports the livelihood of lots of other people. Maybe you should ask them if they would be happy with being out of a job in this economic climate?

  4. Weird that all three look completely awkward with each other. It’s not like any of them aren’t used to the camera.

  5. That girl will sink into obscurity the minute she gets done working with Madonna. If people haven’t noticed it by now, Madonna is a curse. Every single person who worked with her, didn’t have a career after that. Justin Timberlake, basically quit music after working with her. Timbaland’s album failed. William Orbit fell into a depression. Britney Spears had a mental breakdown. DON’T WORK WITH MADONNA PEOPLE! This malignant narcissist is a curse!

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