Charlize Theron: “The Dogs Have Never Been More In Love”

As soon as actress Charlize Theron, 36, laid eyes on her adopted son Jackson in March, it was love at first sight. It seems her two furry, four-legged friends felt the very same way.

“It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed,” the Oscar-winning star tells Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “From the moment this baby came into our home, those two dogs have never been more in love.”

“Berkley, a terrier mutt, and he’s actually the pacifier thief … He’ll just lay there with the [baby’s] pacifier in his mouth,” she says.

Blue, the pitbull, serves as her alarm clock.

He “woke up with me for every feed, for every change, and whenever the baby would cry the pit would start crying,” she proudly states. “He’ll do anything for that baby.”

“People keep saying, ‘Oh you’re a single mom,’ and I’m like, ‘Actually, I’m not. I got two boys helping me out.’ It’s incredible.”

As far as her son goes, Charlize was quick to separate the fact from fiction.

“Everyone thinks since you’re from South Africa, that he’s from South Africa, but he’s not,” Ellen comments.

“He’s American,” says his mom, who also says she brought him home when he was nine days old.

“What’s that like to, all the sudden, have a nine-day-old baby in your life?” the television host asks.

“You know, it took me a while [to finalize the adoption],” Charlize responds. “The process … took around two years. My mom said the most beautiful thing.”

Quoting her mother, Charlize recalls,

“It took me nine months to fall in love with you [while you] were growing in my stomach. It took you two years to fall in love with this little baby.”

“It really took two years of just waiting and then one day it’s finally there,” Charlize adds. “It just feels exactly how it’s supposed to feel. I don’t know how to describe it. It just feels right.”

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