Kimora Lee Simmons Launches Skin Care Line, Talks Baby No. 4

Kimora Lee Simmons knows how to keep things fab! As a model, designer, entrepreneur and mother-of-three she maintains a simple yet up-to-date beauty routine with her new skin care line, Shinto Clinical, designed to work wonders on the skin of evolving women.

Kimora opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the inspiration behind her latest project, her superhero son and fashionista daughters, and her thoughts on baby No. 4: “Who knows what will happen,” she says.

CBS: Congratulations on your new skin care line, Shinto Clinical. Tell us all about it and what inspired you to start the line.

KLS: “I started modeling when I was 13 – I went off to Europe and got the Chanel contract. Since then, I feel like I’ve used almost every beauty product out there. A lot of companies have sent me their products over the years. So many of them over-promised and under-delivered, so I took matters into my own hands and developed a line for the skin of evolving women.

One of my favorites is micro manage, an instant microdermabrasion cream that uses the exact medical grade crystals used in professional and spa micro treatments. You’re giving yourself the same Hollywood glow your fave celebs get, but for a fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own home. My friends come over, I tell them about this product, they try it and it mysteriously goes missing…”

CBS: Where can we purchase your new skin care products?

KLS: “You can purchase Shinto Clinical at Nordstrom or We also have a site on”

CBS: How is Kenzo doing? What is he into these days?

KLS: “Kenzo is in a superhero phase. He does honestly believe he’s Spider-Man and that it’s his job to save his sisters and me! So we’re saved frequently, whether we need it or not. There’s a lot of bannister-sliding and rough and tumble. He’s approaching 3-years-old now and I’m continuing to notice the strong difference between raising girls and boys.”

CBS: Are your girls still working on their own clothing line?

KLS: “Ming Lee and Aoki Lee are fashion devotees! They study their craft and are a two-girl atelier. They sketch, they drape. Aoki Lee made a period history costume – a pioneer dress and it was beyond fab! So it’s something they’ve taken into their art and I’m thankful they have a way to express themselves.”

CBS: Any plans for another beautiful baby? Last time we chatted, you thought it would be nice for Kenzo to have a baby brother.

KLS: “Well shouldn’t that be the movement?! Two girls and then two boys – I’m big on symmetry! Who knows what will happen…”

CBS: You always seem so happy! How do you balance your career and family life so well?

KLS: “My mantra is to focus on what’s in front of you at any given point and learn to K.I.M. – Keep It Moving!”

CBS: Do you have any upcoming summer plans? Maybe you’re planning a group family vacation with ex Russell Simmons?

KLS: “We’ve vacationed before. We were in St. Barth’s over the holidays last year: me, Djimon, Russell, the girls and Kenzo. This summer, everyone is working. I’m launching Shinto Clinical all over the world, Djimon is on-set filming, the girls have summer activities, Kenzo has a little camp he’s going to – but i know we’ll have fun. I honestly wouldn’t mind spending more time around the pool. Maybe grill out…that sounds fab to me!”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

KLS: “We’re mid-launch for Shinto Clinical, still going strong with JustFab working on new collections, it looks like I may start filming TV again, the KLS RushCard is processing thousands of applications each month. So things are busy – I feel blessed.”


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