Brian Austin Green Shields Megan Fox’s Bump?

Trying to hide something?

A protective Brian Austin Green shielded his wife Megan Fox as they made their way through the Los Angeles International Airport with Green’s son Kassius, 10, on Tuesday (May 29).

This is the second time we’ve seen the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum trying to hide his Transformers actress wife behind an umbrella. On Sunday, we saw the handsome couple attempting the same trick against the nearby paparazzi as they made their way to church.

The Dictator beauty is rumored to be expecting her first child. Green is already dad to Kassius with his ex, General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil.


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    • I can think of other reasons she’d want to hide. Maybe a bump, but maybe a facial peel, or plastic surgery or something like that.

    • You know what else is seriously pretty weird? People who wear sunglasses INSIDE. It just comes off as so….. douchey?

  1. Where is Kassis mom Vanessa Marcil! And her husband Giovanni since both are not working right now! Should be with her son !

  2. even when her son is with his father? anyways, lets forget about the kid and protect megan, very paternal…

    • They are getting attention… hence the umbrella. If they just walked through the airport… no one would have given them a second glance.

      • You know that’s absolutely not true. The paps have been jonesing for a photo of her ‘bump’ for weeks and there have been tons of photos of her everywhere with everyone speculating. If they just walked through the airport, the paps would have gone nuts anyway.

        (For the record, the umbrella thing is ridiculous and really makes this guy look like a crappy father. Let your kid deal with the intrusion, but hide your wife behind an umbrella? Seriously?)

  3. Well, it’s pretty dum to do this. She is not a big actress, I can understand if Angie or Nicole do this, but they did not hide. Who does she think she is?

  4. Geez, don’t sh*t yourself off. A lot of celebrities are pregnant now, and they don’t make it a circus, going everywhere with umbrella is just stupid. Sooner or later, people will know that she’s pregnant, so what? I really could’t care less so I don’t understand why they’re making such a show – two one-season “stars”.

    • and the problem is? if brian is the more stable parent and can offer him a more stable environment, what’s wrong with him living with his father? people tend to think that if a child doesn’t live with their mother, she’s not a good one. it’s not always the case. they can still be good parents, just like dads can still be good dads even when they don’t live with their child(ren).

      please, people – grow up and mind your own business. brian and vanessa’s parenting arrangement is NONE of anyone’s business!

  5. Love the umbrella wish i had a louis vuitton umbrella.. make that everyting LV heheeee
    I think brian austin protecting his wife this way is a real turn on wish my husband was protective of me like brian is wif megan.

  6. That is ridiculous, no one would have even noticed if they didn’t cause such a spectacle. Not to mention superstitious….isn’t opening an umbrella indoors bad luck?

  7. love how they left the little boy to fend for himself while the paparazzi were apparently hounding them. nice parenting.

    • This is what is astounding me as well. It’s so strange to look at him protect his wife, but leave his kid out for the sharks.

  8. I don’t even think Jay-Z made all of this fuss over Beyonce when she was Is she THAT big of a star? I didn’t know..

  9. Kinda making it obvious aren’t we. Just say it, yes she’s pregnant and everyone can get on with their lives and continue leaving you alone.

    • If she is “just barely pregnant” then it’s no surprise that they don’t want to confirm. Once they do that, the “Megan Fox is pregnant” news will spread like wildfire. Heaven forbid something happen to the pregnancy… well, you get the idea. Better to wait until she’s in that “safe” zone.

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