Angelea Preston: ‘I Don’t Want My Son To Suffer Or Work For Anything’

America’s Next Top Model: All Stars contestant Angelea Preston is “really excited” about her baby boy on-the-way. The reality TV star and husband Eric Brown expect their bundle of joy this summer, and the mom-to-be says she’s feeling “great.”

The model, 25, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the devastating loss of her daughter Giavonna when she was five-months pregnant and feeling “relieved” to be at the six-month mark with her son. Angelea also shares her healthy food cravings, her jump from size 0 to size 5, and plans for her newborn to enter child modeling: “I will incorporate my son into my career.” Read on about her hopes and dreams for motherhood and baby name choice.

CBS: Congratulations on your pregnancy! How has life changed since you found out you were expecting?

AP: “My life has changed for the better. I am more focused on my career and goals that I want to accomplish in life. Before, when I wasn’t pregnant, I was kind of slacking off a little bit. I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I will have a lot of time to do this and do that.’ I let several opportunities pass me by, whereas now I am more focused on my career. I am taking initiative to do better in my life because of my son. I don’t want to see him suffer or work for anything. I really feel like I am more focused now because I am pregnant.”

CBS: Have you been experiencing any crazy or out-of-the-ordinary food cravings?

AP: “It is really weird…I hear that a lot of pregnant women crave sweets, chocolate, and junk food, but I am the total opposite. I was such a junk food person before I got pregnant, but now I don’t even want to eat junk food or chocolate. I crave vegetables, like tomatoes with salt and pepper. It’s weird, right? [laughs] I absolutely love tomatoes with salt and pepper, and I drink iced tea every day. When I think about iced tea, it makes my mouth water [laughs]. That never happened before and I’m just like, this is so weird! I feel like I can’t go a day without drinking iced tea. I have this huge craving for tomatoes, and I also love mustard and put it on everything. I also really crave peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s probably about it…just really weird food cravings! [laughs].”

CBS: How are you feeling overall?

AP: “I feel really good. Actually, I feel great. I feel relieved, because when I had my daughter, I was five months pregnant, and I am now at the six-month mark. I look online all the time and research the week-by-week pregnancy analysis. I discovered that this would be the time where if I were to go into premature labor, the baby would have a chance at survival. I am very relieved, because when I first found out I was pregnant, I was very scared because of what happened to my daughter. I am still nervous to give birth, but I am more relieved now that I am so far along.”

CBS: Have you done any maternity clothes shopping yet? Any favorite pieces, brands, or stores you want to share?

AP: “People will probably hate me for this, but I don’t really need to wear maternity clothes because I am so small. Instead, I just buy clothes in bigger sizes. Before I was pregnant, I was like a size 0 or 1. Now I am a size 5 and I am like, ‘Yay, go me!’ [laughs].

Now I have a little butt, and pregnancy has given me a womanly shape that I absolutely love. I typically wear a small, but now I will get a large or an extra-large. I wear leggings for pants, but not really jeans. Even in the early stages, I found that jeans were very uncomfortable; they were so tight and I hated the material. I’ll just wear leggings and dresses, and not really any maternity clothes.

In regard to favorite pieces and brands, I love print dresses. I am not into any particular brands; if something looks good to me, then I will buy it. The other day I went to ZARA in SoHo, and I saw this really nice dress that I want to get because my cousin is getting married in July. I think I will be able to fit into it. ZARA has some really nice clothes, and I kind of overlooked the store and brand before. Now that I’m pregnant, I look at all these clothes and am like, ‘Aww, man, I can’t wear any of these clothes now! [laughs].”

CBS: How are you preparing for your son on-the-way?

AP: “We are having two baby showers—one in my hometown in Buffalo, and one in New York City in July. I have also been doing baby registries and getting everything together as far as clothes and baby needs. I am very excited and happy about that. After I have the baby, my husband and I will look for a different place to move, because we live in Queens right now. We are not really sure where we want to move, but we don’t want to live in Queens anymore. We are going to actively search for apartments after the baby is born. It is kind of stressful to do it now, because there are so many other things that we have to do. We are looking for somewhere nice and somewhere where you can raise a family.”

CBS: What baby names are under consideration?

AP: “My number one name is Eric, my husband’s name. I am almost 99% sure that he is going to be a Junior. I also really love the name Eli, but my husband doesn’t really like it. It looks like Eric is most likely going to be the name.”

CBS: Are you receiving pregnancy and motherhood advice from any celebs and people close to you?

AP: “My celebrity friends do not have kids yet; they are young like me or don’t want kids at the moment. They just tell me ‘Congratulations!’ and all that [laughs]. On the other hand, my mom always tells me to take it easy, not stress out too much, and relax. My sister does the same thing as well. My husband’s mother and a lot of my friends have also given me pregnancy advice. I am really excited!”

CBS: What aspects of motherhood are you most excited for?

AP: “I am most excited to see my son and have someone love me like I love my mother. The way a child loves his mother is unconditional. A child doesn’t judge you in a world where people judge you and make you ask the question sometimes if they love because of who you are or because of what you can do for them. Your child is going to love you unconditionally; your child is going to love you because they love you. That is what I am looking forward to. I am looking forward to this little creature that I created looking back at me, laughing, giggling, and crying. I am looking forward to just experiencing being a mother.”

CBS: How do you plan to balance work and family life?

AP: “I plan to put my son into child modeling, because the pregnancy agency I am with now, Expecting Models, has a child-modeling division where you and your child can model together. My booker there asked me if it was something I wanted to do, and I was like, ‘Yes, of course!’ I will incorporate my son into my career.”

CBS: What projects are you working on right now?

AP: :I was just submitted to do a couple of reality shows. I can’t really say which shows right now, because everything is still up in the air. I am in talks right now with two shows that want to highlight my pregnancy. Expecting Models also submitted me for casting in Destination Maternity, which is a very popular off-brand of Motherhood Maternity. They’ve been submitting me for casting for maternity lines, and things like that as well. I am just waiting to hear back from them, and hopefully something happens.”


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  1. She doesn’t want to see her son work for anything? I love how parents are teaching their kids today that the sun shines out of their ass and that they should be handed everything on a silver platter. Parent’s need to stop that, because the rest of us who worked hard to get to where we are don’t need/want/ or will put up with your brats. I come from a more than well of family, but my parents made us get a job at 15, as a way for us to see how hard they worked to give us everything we have and to appreciate it more.

  2. She has no idea what an unbearable little brat that kid’s going to be if he doesn’t work or suffer for anything. I really can’t believe that she thinks for a second that that’s an effective way to raise a child!

  3. Apologies for my ignorance but it appears that you seem to have a child with this man also… Clearly a little bitter here. Maybe you should be following up with him instead of ranting on a random website?

  4. Angelea, I love you so much and I hope you read this someday, I’m just a small town girl from Valley Stream and all my friends and me, love you so much!! I love the way you stand up for yourself and the way no one puts you down! You made it to become an all star girl!!! and we respect you even though you didn’t get first place, we don’t care about what anyone has to say.
    -I think you should expose your child to somethings…. Let him know that life isn’t always pretty and keep him from becoming spoilt, it’s really important, that’s how my mum raised me.

  5. Well..he did it again! He cheated on Angelea and they are no longer together. Let’s welcome Angelea to your club of “Mother of Eric Brown’s kids”, she is member No17 (at least,I guess).
    Seriously, you are both crazy to trust a man like this, it’s not like you had bad luck, YOU CHOSE this guy!

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