Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Scared To Have Another Baby

For many women, the decision to add a second child to their families comes very easily. To reality television star Kendra Wilkinson – who welcomed son Hank Baskett IV with her NFL playing husband Hank Baskett two years ago – the choice isn’t quite so simple.

In the recent issue of InTouch, Kendra, 26, opens up about her fears of reliving the postpartum depression she suffered after giving birth to Hank IV back in 2009 and her struggles to drop those pesky post-baby pounds.

“I was living under a gray cloud and had lost who I was,” the Kendra on Top star reveals, adding that at her worst, she felt as if she “had nothing to live for.”

“It took me two years to not only get my body back, but to feel like myself again,” she continues.

She also discusses her fears that her husbands uncertain career path may render a second child impossible.

“I’m not going to say it’s easy,” she confesses of being the breadwinner for the retired football player-turned-aspiring actor, 29. “But I’m willing to work harder so that he can find what he wants to do.”

For more on Kendra and her family, pick up the latest issue of In Touch on newsstands now!


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  1. That’s a shame to hear but I understand. On an unrelated note….LOVE big Hanks shirt! Dumb and Dumber 🙂

  2. That’s a shame because they two made one bea-uuuu-tiful baby. I’m sure the next one would be as well.

  3. I totally understand what she means….I am scared as well about having another later on down the road. I am still working on getting the baby weight off…its coming off slowly, but I am getting there. Her son is beautiful!

  4. i understand… bur she is a strong woman, and i think she has post partum depression and its harder to loose all that weight. but she is really beautiful, and with a second baby will be easier. and seriously, this baby is gorgeous. one of the most beautiful celebrity babies ever…

  5. Soooo glad for this article. I have a 2 year old and suffered such bad postpartum, I thought I could never be my old self again. I am just starting to feel like the real me AFTER 2 WHOLE YEARS. I understand her completely and didnt think anyone in a million years felt the way I felt after giving birth. Thank you Kendra, for opening up about this!!!

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