Jennifer Garner & Her Girls Grab A Cool Treat

Hands on mama-of-three Jennifer Garner was spotted taking her two eldest children Violet, 6,and 3-year-old Seraphina to Sweet Rose creamery in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (May 30).

The 40-year-old actress – who is also mother to son Samuel, 3 months – toted sweet Seraphina and held Violet’s hand as the trio made their way into the gourmet ice cream shop. After their sweet treat, the girls were treated to a Hobby Horse merry-go-round ride at Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif.

We last saw Jen, Ben and Violet after they grabbed a bite to eat together and picked up some art supplies.


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  1. If you can see a little girl’s underwear I believe that’s inappropriate. I think the ones where her underwear is showing should be taken down.

  2. I remember a couple weeks ago, in a post about the Afflecks, another poster mentioned that they thought Jen and Ben were taking pictures of the paparazzi because they are taking legal action and want proof of how close they get to their family. I highly doubt these pictures were taken with long lenses, and Jennifer definitely looks pissed. I realize I’m part of the problem by even posting this, but really – it looks like the photographers are only feet away, probably trying to talk to the girls. It’s insane.

    • I agree, and I think the same thing. Ben has always looked pissed at the paparazzi, but I’ve never seen Jen take pictures of them until now. It is probably one paparazzi in particular that is stalking and hounding them. Makes me feel bad for them. What we see in the photos is so much milder than what actually takes place. Have you ever watched video of how the paparazzi behave while they take photos? It’s insane! They rush up on them and get very close and they make it hard for the celebrities to even walk. They shout at them and ask them all kinds of stupid questions. It’s very annoying just watching it so I can imagine how it feels to live it. And some of the paparazzi are straight up A-holes. They say nasty remarks just to get a reaction out of the celebrity so they can cash-in on the photos. Just because these people are famous doesn’t mean they should get harrassed. Some sort of paparazzi 100 ft rule should be in place.

      • BINGO. Your comment gets an A+. I have commented on this before and agree with you on every point. These men hound and stalk celebs relentlessly and in Garner’s case, they stake out her home. I’ve read that many of these vile men are registered s*x offenders and based on some of the behaviour I’ve seen, it’s not surprising — hanging out at children’s schools and playgrounds leering at the kids and calling out to them… disgusting.

        It also bothers me that they often chase after the children when they are with a nanny or someone else who is not their celebrity parent. Seriously, leave children alone when they are not with their parents. I can understand the interest in the celebrity – that’s why we’re here – but I for one am not interested in pictures of someone else’s children when they are taken under duress &/or the parent is not with them.

        • And the other thing that sucks is that any idiot with a camera can be a paparazzi. Anyone that owns a camera and doesn’t have a real job to report to every day. There are no qualifications, no code of ethics. They just roam the hot spots or stalk straight from the celebrity’s home in hopes to cash in. No courtesy or respect. We all love seeing photos of our favorite celebrities but why can’t they have some decency and use their long lense? Give the families some space.

          • There were also recently pictures of Jennifer and the girls at a friend’s house, pictures of them standing at the front door which I also find going too far re: invasion of privacy. Don’t get me started on the pictures of a child out and about with a nanny, when the parents (the famous people to begin with) aren’t even there. I haven’t seen a paparazzi video of this family, but I saw one of the Jolie-Pitts and it was awful, grown men trying to talk to all the kids, even Shiloh who was maybe 2 years old at the time. I also am remembering an interview Victoria Beckham did where she mentioned being afraid that all the flashes would give one of her boys who at the time was having some health issues, a seizure. Things like that really make me reconsider coming to these sites – why can’t photographers use long-lenses? Like someone else said, give the families their space!

      • ITA – I’ve seen some of the video coverage too and it’s absolutely crazy the way the paps will swarm a celebrity like a pack of rabid monkeys. They call out to the celeb and their kid(s) and make ridiculous, often incoherent remarks…pathetic.

        I understand the concept of “candid” photos, but these dudes should stay the hell away from children’s parks, playground & schools. Something about a bunch of men lurking around kids like that is wrong.. on so many levels.

        • “Rabid monkeys”!!! LOL – good comparison, only monkeys are more civilized.

          Also agree that it’s super creepy and pervy how these guys hang out at the park. Very off-putting for non-celebs who want to bring their young children there. No wonder people like Suri Cruise need a bodyguard to go everywhere with her.

  3. Who Cares if you can see her underwear.. she is 3 years old.. most 3 year olds don’t even like to wear clothes if they don’t have too. In almost every other country but this one little girls that age play outside and and swim and go to the beach wearing underwear only. This Country is so uptight .Get over it who cares !!

    • Because it’s common decency not show that photo. Not to buy that photo from the paparazzi. There were plenty of other photos to show instead. It’s not being uptight, it’s called being respectful.

  4. Just FYI, Sweet Rose Creamery is also at Brentwood Country Mart. The mart is actually located in Santa Monica (on the border of Brentwood, on 26th St).

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