Haven Warren Says Cheese!

Actress Jessica Alba recently shared the above picture on her Twitter page of her youngest daughter Haven shooting a toothy grin to her mama as she played with a toy.

“Someone’s very proud of herself,” the mother-of-two wrote.

It seems Jess – who is the founder of The Honest Company – is confused why people wanted her to create a celebrity perfume over a natural product line.

“People didn’t get it,” she says. “They’d say, ‘You’re a celebrity. You should do a perfume!’ But that’s not what I’m passionate about.”

“It was so difficult to find affordable, non-toxic baby products that I decided it was a huge social injustice. I wanted to create a company that fixed that.”

“I’m not getting paid a bunch of money to endorse this,” she reveals. “I was actually losing money by not doing other things! If I’m going to be away from my children, it has to be something I feel great about.”


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