Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Is there a royal baby on-the-way?

The new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now, reveals a photo of Kate Middleton in a rare unguarded moment — possibly sporting a baby bump!

“We thought at first it might be just the way her dress fell as she walked," says a witness — who caught Kate on May 31 hurrying into a local jeweler in London’s Chelsea neighborhood. “But if you looked closely, it was a definite bump. It was prominent enough to cast a shadow below."

The source adds, “She certainly has a glow in her cheeks. Her face is more rounded — and so is her bottom."

And like many expectant moms concerned with the chemicals in hair dye, Kate is letting her gray roots grow.

The Palace has remained mum, but in a recent interview, a frank Prince William said he’d “like to have children.”


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  1. stop she is as thin as a rail and probably has no plans to start her lineage pact with the royals yet.. Kate should start working on that asap, its her only duty to produce a heir. Both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana were mothers by their first wedding aniversary.

    • What century are you stuck in? ‘its her only duty to produce an heir’. She’s actually doing a lot of charity work and royal visits so no, I disagree.
      It’s hardly surprising they haven’t had a baby yet anyway, it took them YEARS to get married. They want to take it slow, I appreciate that.

    • So are you suggesting that, in 2012, this woman has no other purpose except to birth children? I don’t think so.

      • Well, like it or not, from the monarchy’s point of view producing an heir is indeed her first and foremost duty, and Prince William himself said that they are very keen to start a family. Of course she has other purposes, but the more time passes without her getting pregnant, the higher the pressure will be. For the pressure is there.

        • What’s your point? The person being responded to didn’t say it was her first and foremost duty, they said “its her only duty”.

  2. In Touch have reported this story every couple months since they got married! And no doubt, when, eventually, they do just happen to report it and Kate IS pregnant, they’ll go, “See, we told you so!”

    • i think it’s a wrinkle in her dress the “bump” almost looks like the movement of the dress between her leg and hip

  3. Really??? This woman is tiny! I’m sure if she eats a meal her tummy poufs. Aside from that, it is just a bad photo. I highly dount that the future King and Queen of England and Imperial Rulers of the Commonwealth will hide a pregnancy for any length of time. Kate needs space and time to adjust to being a newlywed, newly-crowned-princess, fashion icon, etc without people looking a a shadow and claiming her preggers! I know I will be ecstatic when they have kids but man, no way am i jumping on the is-shie-isn’t-she nadwagon for this lovely girl.

  4. Nice touch with the photoshop, In touch!!!! I’ve seen Kate up close (okay, several feet away) when she was in Calgary last year and IMHO, she is w-a-y too skinny to conceive. She seemed really frail and the jeans she was wearing at the time really emphasized this – especially from the side.

    She used to be so healthy looking and very athletic too!

  5. What a ridiculous rumour!

    EVen if getting pregnant is the plan, Kate needs to look after herself and her own health first – It’s painfully obvious that she has lost a significant amount of weight since around the time of the engagement and she desperately needs to get her health back on track. Prior to the engagement she always looked so fit and healthy.

  6. Doesn’t look like it from the other pictures of her at the Jubilee. Especially not in the blush McQueen dress she wore to the Jubilee Service. No hint of a bump, let alone one “prominent enough to cast a shadow below”

  7. In the UK we get these reports every other week. And lets be honest; there is no bump there! Kate is really slim, so it would be noticeable immediately. They will have not so much pressure (as for instance Diana) to produce a heir yet, since Prince Charles isn’t even King. They will take their time and will let everyone know when she is pregnant…

    • Slim?? Talk about an understatement. Since she’s lost all that weight, she’s positively emaciated and looks older than she really is. Shame the royals won’t get their heads out of the sand and get her some help.

  8. Nope. You only have to look at photos of her from the Jubilee celebrations and she is her slender self.

  9. Im sure if she is pregnant there will be an offical announcement by Buckingham Palace! But I dont think she is pregnant now I think she will have her 1st baby sometime next year or the year after!

  10. yeah and you guys are forgetting that princess Diana had eating disorders partly from when she was a dancer and partly from an insident when Charles called her fat at a public event. maybe Katherine wants to be like princess Anne and wait a few years until her and William have children. Princess Anne’s son Peter was born the day after his mothers 4th wedding anniversary November 15th 1977

  11. No rush to have a baby! Diana had to have a heir and a spare.. Because Charles
    Is next in line to the throne! And than Will and Harry after that! Get it now!
    So there is no rush ! Princess Anne daughter still has not had a child got married
    Right after Will and Kate! There will be no children this year there is no need
    Kate is not married to Charles! Will is only 30 lots of time years!

  12. Could you please report when she next uses the bathroom? I mean really, this stuff is mundane, rude, nosy and downright silly. You would think the way the media carries on that Catherine was the only woman in the world to ever become (or plan to become) pregnant. People need richer lives of their own. This stuff is nonsense.

  13. That ‘bump’ is too low and lopsided to pass as a baby bump… and even if Kate is pregnant she deserves to be able to break this news in her own time. Early days in pregnancy can still be very nerve-racking for a new mum and having been in th4 position myself of having people speculate and spread gossip before I was ready to break the news myself I believe that the couple should be left to announce in their own time…. I mean come on, it’s not as if a baby bump can be hidden forever is it 🙂

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