The Guncles Celebrate Simone’s 2nd Birthday: “Two Years Just Flew By”

Happy Birthday Simone Masterson-Horn!

In celebration of their darling daughter’s second birthday on Thursday (June 7), Bill Horn and Scout Masterson – a.k.a. The Guncles – celebrated with a fun-filled party at their Los Angeles home last weekend (June 2).

We can’t believe our little baby is already 2-years-old!” the Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood stars tell Celebrity Baby Scoop. “She’s a little person now – smart, funny and gorgeous. It’s all gone by so quickly.”

The doting daddies and their sweet girl – who wore a Lilly Pulitzer dress – were joined by family and friends, including Tori Spelling‘s children Liam, Stella and Hattie, Selma Blair and son Arthur, and Project Runway star Mila Hermanovski.

In lieu of gifts, guests brought a donation of diapers for the family’s favorite charity, Baby Buggy.

Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies designed, baked and styled an extravagant dessert table including the buttercream cake, sugar cookies, cupcake flavored popcorn, and her famous cake pops.

Activities included a bounce castle, face painting, glitter tattoos and an over-the-top, prop-filled photo booth by Vizid Booth.

Guests feasted on made-to-order tacos, quesadillas, taquitos and a salsa buffet featuring fresh fried tortilla chips. And not to mention the ice cream Sundae Bar with nearly 20 different toppings!

The Guncles talked about the timing of their daughter’s birthday — so close to “cousin” Stella McDermott‘s!

“Her birthday is Thursday and Stella’s 4th birthday is Saturday. They’re just two days apart, so we’ve worked it out with Tori. We have Simone’s one weekend and Stella’s the following weekend.”

The hands-on dads couldn’t help but gush about their little lady.

When Simone was born friends told us she would be a little girl before we knew it,” they shared. “They were right, two years just flew by!” They added, “In the Masterson-Horn household we believe that love makes a family. And we couldn’t be more in love with a our family if we tried. We are blessed. Happy Birthday, Simone! Your dads love you.”


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  1. I agree with Anon 11:58! This little girl is surrounded by freaks, including the insufferable Tori Spelling and creepy Dean McDermott!

  2. Not too familiar with this family. Was Simone born via surrogate or adopted later on? Anyone would be lucky to have 2 loving parents like that.

  3. I love that guest brought baby diapers for their fav charity instead of gifts. Very nice gesture more celebs should be so giving and thoughtful. Seems like they work very hard to be good parents and teach daughter the right things.

    • And the “right” thing is that you don’t get gifts on your birthday? Is that what you teach your kids?

      • I am sure the child got many gifts from her dads they just asked guest to bring for charity… and charity is very important to teach your child. in the past my children received so many Christmas gifts from friends, colleagues, family and Santa that we asked them to pick out a few to give to kids in local hospital. We did this for a couple of years and the praise from the hospital staff and the look on children’s’ faces made my children feel wonderful much better than any gift could make them feel. They are now teens and they still talk about those times.

        • You’re sure the child got many gifts from her dads they just asked guest to bring for charity? How are you sure?

          You’re so sanctimonious. No one said they shouldn’t teach their children about charity, but there’s no reason to not let them receive a freaking prsent on their birthday either.

    • These people aren’t mega-ultra-rich ‘celebs’ and there’s no reason their daughter shouldn’t be permitted to receive gifts on her birthday.

  4. If you look at the pic of her next to Liam and Stella she looks so much like them, I really think there must be some biological link there. The resemblance is really quite strong.

  5. Whether they are “rich” or not – Giving to charity is something that everyone should welcome into their lives. How greedy to think otherwise! Why is it necessary to receive mountains of gifts? Disgusting to bash giving to a charity. I hope you never need to be on the receiving end of charitable donations…

    • Where did anyone bash giving to charity? Where did anyone say it was necessary to receive a mountain of gifts? Where did anyone say people should be greedy.

      Nobody said that, you just made it up so you could be indignant.

    • Melissa- watch out before some anonymous poster calls you sanctimonious as well (ha ha). So glad someone on this comment board agrees with my NON FANATICAL points about charity and the benefits of giving rather than receiving.

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