Carla Bruni-Sarkozy & Aurélien: Paris Pair

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was seen with her son Aurélien,10, and his friend in Paris, France last Saturday (June 2). Her 7-month-old daughter Giulia with former French president Nicholas Sarkozy – wasn’t with them.

Last month her husband handed over presidential reigns to Francois Hollande. Now that the couple are a little less out of the spotlight – the former supermodel is going back to singing and plans to release a new album this fall.

According to Vogue Italy her rep stated, “Carla did not put her career on hold during Nicolas Sarkozy’s five years in office. She continues to compose. What she gave up for practical reasons was her public concerts, which she is now able to start again.”

Last year when Carla was pregnant with Giulia – she admitted it felt pretty boring.

She said, “Quite frankly, I can’t stand it any more. I spend most of my time either sitting down or lying down. I can’t drink or smoke any more. I’m in a hurry to get it over with.”

Nicholas Sarkozy also has three sons from previous marriages – Pierre, 26, Jean, 25, and Louis, 14.


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  1. It’s very sad that you are publishing pictures of her son since she said she refuses it and as the kid himself asked to be let alone and said “please i don’t want to have my picture taken!”

    He and his little sister are never in French magazines and last time little Guilia was in a magazine Carla and Nicolas were very upset and asked for their kids privacy.

  2. They’re trying to stay out of the spotlight, so as soon as he’s out of office she begins working on a music career…
    Makes sense.

    • She does not “begin to work on a music career”, she continues the one she had before marrying Sarkozy.
      Carla Bruni is very well know in France and won the equivalent of a Grammy for her first album. Very talented girl no matter if you like her (and her husband) or not.
      And she was very private about her child even back then. Also Aurélien’s father is a well known philosopher that is often seen on tv shows…

  3. So she married a guy who she didnt love cos he president.
    Now she stuck with him.

    And lets her gray roots show.

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