Uma Thurman: Belly Laughs In NYC

Uma Thurman bought a cold treat to cool down in the warm New York City weather on Wednesday (June 6). The pregnant actress was taking a walk in Central Park when she stopped at an ice cream stand.

Wearing a clingy top – her belly looks ready to pop! She was in good spirits – sharing a laugh with the vendor man.

She’s now a month away from giving birth to her first child with Arpad “Arki” Busson. Her half-sister Taya threw her a pink elephant themed baby shower at her home on May 31. There were 25 guests including Smash co-stars Debra Messing and Will Chase.

A source told US Weekly in March that the couple did not plan the baby.

The insider said, “They definitely weren’t trying. The engagement isn’t back on. For now they’re just trying to be happy.”

More recently a source told the magazine, “Uma was definitely not planning on having another kid. But she’s over the moon about it.”


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    • Are you speaking to her directly? Or did you just feel that all of us here HAD to hear your sage words of advice?

      • It’s an internet forum. People have opinions and voice them. Deal with it. The “how dare you comment” comment is ridiculous.

        • Who said “how dare you”? The first comment was stupid, the first response was appropriate. This is an internet forum. People have opinions and voice them. Deal with it.

    • Good grief, give her a break! She’s is 9 months pregnant! I’m sure she still cleans up nicely with or without 7+ pounds of baby in her belly

      • So you`re saying that she has the right to look messy because she’s carrying extra pounds, right? Do you also say that about fat people? Well, the’re also carrying extra pounds as well!

        • It has nothing to do with someone’s right…it’s really none of anyone’s business what she wears or how she looks. And being pregnant and being fat are two COMPLETELY different things and you are pretty ignorant for saying so.

          • LOL I’m not defending that fatness and pregnancy are the same thing! It’s just funny how people are passionate here. Of course i have no business with what she is wearing, of course she can do/wear/say whatever she likes! But it is also a fact the she looks messy, she is a public person for Christ sake! If your best friend went out looking like a mess wouldn’t you say that about her as well?

          • No, because some of us don’t mock our friends because of the way they dress or how often they apply their makeup.

            Grow up and get out of high school.

    • She’s pregnant and not on a red carpet. I think she’s allowed to have one of those days when she doesn’t give a damn how she looks.

      • You are absolutely right. She is not very pretty in person. I see her very often in my hometown where she has a home. She looks messy all the time, pregnant or not. So often I ran into her and she definitely needed a good shower.

      • She is also not very nice! She is not friendly and she has an assistant that gives you the attitude if you look at her.

  1. Anonymous @ 10:18 wants to know what happened to her. First of all, she was never attractive to begin with, then add 40lbs on, n o bra and unwashed hair and voila!!!

  2. Look at all the haters. I’m sure not a single one of you have an extra pound, a blemish on your face, perfectly made up hair and an evening gown on. Get over yourself!!!

    • Thank you, Amy! I wish people would lay off her. Like they look any better at 9 mos. pregnant without makeup. Get a life, you guys! And I cannot help but laugh at those people saying Uma isn’t pretty. She isn’t extraordinary beautiful, but she’s a pretty lady IMO. I’d like to see what all of the haters look like.

      • People CAN’T lay off her. They have an unrealistic expectation that actors look the same in real life (100% of the time) as they do in the movies.

        Actors (ESPECIALLY the women) can’t be tired, gain 5 pounds, smoke, shop in a known pap area, buy coffee everyday, leave the house without makeup, walk down the street with a friend of the opposite sex, wear wrinkled clothes or flip-flops, or a million other things. If they do, they will be judged MERCILESLESS by the Forum Hags.

      • Why are they hater because they don’t think she pretty or that she looks bad in the pictuer get over your self.

        Try looking up the word hater before you use it.

      • You obviously never seen her in person or in real life. I said it earlier, I see her in person very often and take my words for it, she is no big deal. She always have dirty hair and the other day I saw her at the health food store wearing old dirty sweat pants with the crotch between her knees. That not so terrible but the fact that she is extremely unfriendly and full of herself doesn’t help very much.

  3. Why is everyone picking on Uma Thurman? She’s a well known, quite successful actress who happens to be pregnant – and looking good I might add. Not that it’s ever “okay” to mock someone’s appearance/weight etc., I can’t see why she’d be a target anyway. I guess it’s been too long since I’ve been in highschool.

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