Adam Sandler Takes Sadie & Sunny To Work

Funny dad Adam Sandler had a couple of special visitors on the Los Angeles, California set of his new film Grown Ups 2 today: His daughters Sadie, 6, and Sunny, 3 (June 8)!

The Happy Gilmore star seemed in good spirits, waving to fans as he ushered along his adorable girls. It looks like big sister Sadie was feeling a bit shy, though – at one point she tried to hide inside her dad’s T-shirt!

Adam is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a Twitter hoax; rumors that he was killed in a snowboarding accident during a family vacation in Switzerland circulated online yesterday.

Thankfully, as you can see, the doting daddy is in fact alive and well.


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    • Are you some kind of moron? Of course they do, and she’s been photographed plenty of times with them. And in any case, why would you expect them to always be together all the time? Normal kids go out with only their mom or only their dad all the time.

  1. Yes they have a mother but their mother is a nobody so the paparazzi wouldn’t follow her. Since Adam is the star, he’s the one they follow.

  2. at Jun 9, 2012 @ 8:35 am -0- These Girls Mother could Never be just a “NOBODY”….. have some Respect to all MOMS!!!!

    • The only thing that’s relevant is what the paps think and she’s a nobody to them. They only photograph people who are famous, not “all moms”.

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