AJ McLean & Wife Rochelle Get Groceries

Expectant parents AJ McLean and Rochelle Karidis were spotted running some weekend errands, loading up on groceries at Whole Foods in Los Angeles, California (June 7).

The Backstreet Boy lit up a cigarette as soon as the pair exited the store, then took care of loading the bags into the car while his wife watched on.

This is our first sighting of AJ and Rochelle since they announced the pregnancy in April. The baby on the way will be the first for the couple, who tied the knot last December.


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  1. It is horrible for his wife to be around cigarette smoke, especially for the baby’s health. I’m amazed that both of them are so cavalier about their baby’s health. So sad!

  2. I just cant stand men who smoke next to their pregnant partner/wife, and shes an idiot for not telling him not to, and she has soo gone overboard with the tats, obviously she has had not heard of hep c.

      • And I can’t stand people like you, what do you think comment sections are for einstein??? I was just expressing my opinion and that’s what the comments sections are for! I don’t need to go back to my hole for I never was in one, but for you I suggest you take your head out of your `hole` coz its just making you talk nastfy.

        • Calling her an idiot and stating that she has gone overboard with the tats is not “stating an opinion”, it’s attacking her. I can’t figure out why’d you want to attack a stranger, but go for it, that’s your right (and it’s everyone else’s right to tell you that you’re behaving like trailer trash).

  3. To the second comment: Rochelle has had these tats LONG BEFORE she became pregnant, so no Hepatitis C *don’t know where that came from. :/*

    Second, you’re right: AJ SHOULDN’T smoke cigarettes next to his pregnant wife, outside or anywhere else. He should know better than that, honestly.

  4. I actually like her tattoos. To each their own.

    I’m not a smoker but it doesn’t bother me as much as it does other people. He’s probably in better health and shape than a lot of non-smokers in this country these days.

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