Gisele Bündchen & Her Boston Biker

Gisele Bündchen took 2-year-old Benjamin out for a walk on his tricycle in Boston, MA. on Saturday (June 9). Her friend and nanny also came along for the stroll. It’s starting to be evident that the supermodel is pregnant again judging by her little bump. This past week a source told US Weekly that the model is expecting her second child with husband Tom Brady.

“Yes, she is pregnant,” the source said, adding she is “three months” along.

Gisele was recently in South America to promote the top CUFA – which will focus on finding models in Brazil’s most underprivileged areas.

She said at the launch, “I feel privileged to be the sponsor of this project.”

She also revealed that she was turned down 42 times as she attempted to make it as a model, adding, “I was finally taken on the 43rd try!”


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  1. That is Tom’s sister Julie who is pregnant with her husband Boston Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis’s baby.

    Tom’s mother Galynn is next to Gisele pushing her niece Jordan (Julie’s daughter).

  2. Gisele is pregnant and she looks great. We’ll see if she gain noticeable weight or changes in the body besides the growing belly during this pregnancy. The first one she didn’t.
    Ben looks so cute and healthy.

    This info came from another site. Gisele was walking with more people. Tom’s mother, sister and niece were with her.
    I’ve no idea if there was a nanny with them. Possibly.

    • The dark haired Brazilian woman often seen in pap pics with Gisele and Benjamin is Gisele’s mid-wife Mayra Calvette (also Brazilian). She delivered Benjamin and also writes on Gisele’s blog about birth practices around the world.

  3. She definitely has a little bump! Wow the Brazilian models(Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio) are all having babies this year and by the looks of Gisele she maybe included in this.

  4. LOL its getting annoying the press playing guessing games. If you follow Gisele even slightly you would know she NEVER has any bump on her tummy. The only time she did was in 2009, when she was pregnant with Benjamin. She is not just gonna be big over night! but this little bump shes sporting lately is 100% confirmation! Plus her face is fuller looking and she is glowing in recent pics.

    • What guessing game? They report that she is “reportedly pregnant”. Without her confirmation, I guess that’s all they’re willing to write until it’s glaringly obvious.

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