Stephanie Erb Hosts Fashion Destination Summer Soiree

True Blood star Stephanie Erb will be joining Catt Saddler in hosting the inaugural Fashion Destination Summer Soiree at the St. Regis Resort Hotel in beautiful Dana Point, Calif. on Saturday, June 9th.

Stephanie opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about tonight’s evening runway show, her 10-year-old daughter Zoe who loves books and Star Wars, and having a “blast” playing the witch Luellen on True Blood.

CBS: Tell us about your role with the fashion event, the Fashion Destination Summer Soiree.

SE: “I will be hosting the evening runway show.”

CBS: What can we expect to see at the show?

SE: “Lots of fabulous well-intentioned people with great teeth!”

CBS: One of your most recent roles was Luellen in True Blood. Did you enjoy your role playing a witch on the popular show?

SE: “I had a blast. The cast and crew are great fun, and, truly, what is better than spending your day with vampires and witches? Although my witch, Luellen, was a bit of a fraidy cat and perhaps not so intelligent, I did have great fun playing her.

We were confined mostly to the set of the Moongoddess Emporium for about two and a half months, so all of us witches got to know each other pretty well. We traded recipes, chatted about clothes, showed pictures of our kids – just like you would do in a real office.

The funny thing is, from week to week, you never knew if your character was going to expire in some gory way, and luckily, mine never did!”

CBS: Please tell us about your daughter. What is she into?

SE: “My daughter is named Zoe and she is ten. She loves Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hunger Games right now. She reads voraciously. Right now, she is alternating between four different novels, each of them part of a separate series. I dont know how she keeps all the plots straight!”

CBS: What are some of your favorite mother-daughter moments?

SE: “I think, most recently, when she graduated from Elementary school (sniff). [And] since we are talking about fashion, I am thinking of her first ‘high heels.’ Mind you, they were less than an inch tall, but this is a girl who wears a Chewbacca T-shirt with big shorts all summer. I was expecting her to be sort of upset at how uncomfortable and girly they were, but she loved them. She looked so big! She kept saying, ‘Mommy I love them!’ I think I am in big trouble in a few years…”

CBS: What are your upcoming summer plans? Do you have any favorite childhood memories of summer vacation?

SE: “This summer we already did the ‘must do’ of Disney World. It was fun, silly, and exhausting. Zoe had a blast and rode Star Tours twenty times. Far too many rice krispie treats were consumed.

As a kid, we used to go to Wilmington, NC and hang on the beach for a week or two every summer. It was really gorgeous and peaceful, and my siblings loved it (as did I, except for the sunburn! Not so much sunscreen applied back then — ouch).”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

SE: “I am going to be in a very special episode of Bones that I believe is being saved for 9/11, but I cannot really elaborate. Looking forward to the next gig, as well as checking out the pilot I did recently called Failing Upwards. My character Norma was a very strange lady in far too much makeup and a fabulous velvet turban! Fun!”

For additional information about Fashion Destination Group (FDG), tickets (including VIP seats), exhibitor and sponsorship information, please visit Fashion Destination.

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