Report: Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry’s Custody Evaluation Report Outlines Their “Bitter Breakup”

It seems actress Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry have been taken to task in a recent custody evaluation report for their inability to get along, reports.

The custody report has also been submitted to the judge who will determine if the 45-year-old Academy Award-winning actress will be allowed to take their 4-year-old daughter Nahla to live in France.

Halle wants to move to France with Nahla and her fiancé and fellow actor Olivier Martinez due to self-proclaimed fears of the invasive paparazzi but the Canadian model is fighting the move.

Speaking about the custody evaluation report, a source close to the situation says it “minces no words, and outlines in detail the fact that Halle and Gabriel can’t get along.”

They had a very bitter break-up, and there are lingering issues of anger and mistrust of BOTH parents. The person that this is hurting is of course, Nahla. She loves both of her parents very much, and there is absolutely no question that Gabe and Halle are devoted to their little girl. The report asserts that as the little girl gets older, if her parents aren’t able to get along, it could have a very negative impact on her life. The independent child psychologist again emphasized that Halle and Gabe need to come together to co-parent Nahla, and get over the past, period. Nahla is a very well adjusted little girl, who has a very sweet disposition, and is very mature for her age, and both parents could learn a lot from her.”

A custody trial is reportedly scheduled to begin within the next few weeks and both Halle and Gabriel are expected to take the witness stand.

Halle’s publicist didn’t immediately respond to comment.


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  1. Halle’s reasoning is ridiculous. She doesn’t have to take her daughter out of the country to get away from paparazzi. There are many celebrities who are barely photographed IN THE US. Look at Britney Spears. She is hardly ever photographed with her kids unless she’s in Calabasas or something. Come on Halle, use your head. I can imagine how annoying the paparazzi can be, but you chose this lifestyle, and now you have to take the good with the bad. Nahla shouldn’t be kept from her father, he obviously loves her to death. Be lucky she has a father that actually cares and wants to be in her life.

    • Amen to that. She’s voluntarily putting herself in the “line of fire” with the paps by staying in Hollywood. You are spot-on when you point out that many celebs can somehow avoid being papped. Heck, if they are bankable stars, they should be able to relocate anywhere in the country and just report in to lala land when producers, directors come a-calling. Nicole Kidman is a prime example. Sure she’s papped at events, airports etc., but not so much day-to-day.

    • Who are you to determine how invasive the paparazzi are in her life? There are photos of her practically every single day simply bringing her daughter to school and back. Do you seriously think that’s her fault?

      • No one is saying that the rabid monkeys/s*x offenders are Halle’s fault per se. What’s being suggested here is that Halle has choices with regard to her place of residence. She can elect to stay put and deal with the inevitable harassment she encounters on a daily basis from these men, OR simply move away as many stars often do (without sacrificing their careers, I might add).

      • It is her fault when she tips them off. And when she stages a confrontation with one who was clear across the street, in an effort to boost her claim that her daughter will be in danger in LA. There are many performers whose kids you never see.

  2. Her reasoning seems to be more of a excuse to want to move in with or closer to her man. And what if this relationship goes bad too? She will come running back here with her tail tucked between her legs. A man isn’t a good enough reason to separate a loving father from his daughter.

  3. Her reasoning seems to be more of a excuse to want to move in with or closer to her man. And what if this relationship goes bad too? She will come running back here with her tail tucked between her legs. A man isn’t a good enough reason to separate a loving father from his daughter.

  4. waiting for when Hallie realtionship with her latest guy turns sour
    as do ALL of her realionships with men .

  5. That’s exactly what I was thinking. This has virtually nothing to do with Nahla. It’s really for her own selfish reasons – to be with her “man” because he wants to live in his own country of France. Nahla is running a poor second when it comes to what Berry wants when it comes to pleasing her man.

  6. Halle is seriously unstable. She is angry, mean, and deceitful. She hates all men and she is also terrified of the stories that might be told by her exes which is why she works so hard at destroying them when there is a break up. The men she has been with are not the monsters that she paints them to be. She just needs to destroy their credibility as a pre-emptive strike against the things she fears they will reveal about her. Halle is not the little darling that she is portrayed to be. She is vindictive, spiteful, abusive, and manipulative. That poor little girl has zero chance of growing up emotionally healthy. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to read the pattern in her life. The courts need to step in and force her to get some psychological help. She could also use some solid parenting classes. She clearly has no idea what it means to put her child’s well being before her own.

  7. I am curious does anyone know if Halle Berry speaks French? If not, I would assume that would making living in France a bit difficult.

  8. LaKesha: Likewise, only the non-celeb father could be to blame, huh? Because Halle makes movies that you like, she has to be the perfect mom who would never, ever lie in order to steal the child away from the dad who merely complicates her life. Because you know how celebrities are known for accepting real life complications as opposed to using their money and status to manipulate the world according to their selfish agendas. And clearly, Halle has proven herself most stable in previous relationships. Poor girl. Always seems to find herself hooked up with monsters. What are the odds? Such an innocent, constantly abused lamb. LOLOL

  9. As long as she shares a child with her ex, it will always be his business if Halle wants to take their child to another continent. It’s not just her life anymore and it never will be. If she wants a peaceful life, she needs to stop creating drama around her. But the only peace she wants is on her terms and hers alone. No one else matters. Not even her daughter.

    • “it will always be his business”

      Read what you wrote. HIS business, not yours.

      Why are you pretending you know this woman, what she does, what she wants, what she’s thinking? You seriously are deranged.

  10. Reportedly, Aubry grew up in foster homes and likely has emotional issues that were never addressed with counseling. We don’t know about Aubry’s failed relationships and what he contributed their demise but what we do know is that far to often we make women “totally responsible” when a relationship ends and if Halle’s case she is labled and a bit**Why should women should stay with abusive, jealous or unfaithful men? Stop judging Berry by standards that we dare not not apply to [men or ourselves ]and recognize that independent women can exercise their option to leave unfulfilling or unhealthy relationships. For the record, when did Aubry issue a statement saying Halle denied him visitation as he is often photographed with his daughter so . Why does a 36 year Aubry need $20,000 a month in support for a child that he does not have primary custody of. Is Aubry was paying child support when his daughter is with her mother? Halle is engaged, continues to work, raise and support her daughter and moved over two years ago and good for her. Aubry is no saint but showed himself to be vindictive and bitter because he wants Halle’s money. Both ex-husbands sued/ wanted Halle’s money too because insecure, unfaithful, jealous and rejected men need to punish women who choose to leave them.

  11. I don’t even know how Gabriel is allowed to live in the States. He is not American. At some point Gabriel will be booted back to Canada and Nahla will have to go to Quebec to visit her dad anyway. The only reason that Nahla is American is due to her mother. I hope she gets to move to France. Nahla will be educated in the French educational system, have the perfect French accent, and after a while she’ll can become an EU citizen which will open-up the world to her as an adult citizen of three first-world countries (Canadian-American-French). Once she is literate in French, it will be a breeze for her to pick up Spanish. All good for Nahla.

    • So Aubry has nothing to do in the States even so he’s been living here for some years and have an American daughter, but Berry has every right to move to France, a country she doesn’t speak the language and where she won’t be able to work… And it will surely do great good to little Nahla to have a real father who adores her be replaced by a womanizer who will leave her mother as soon as he gets bored. Sure…

  12. Do you warn the men you date/plan to marry of this nice conception of a mother right? (“Hey! Let’s make a child… as long as we stay together we will share his education but as soon as I’m fed up of you, you can forget about him!). Would you be happy if a woman was to treat your son and your possible grand-children that way?

  13. Halle will destroy this relationship with her new man in time. She just wants to take her daughter away from her father. Halle Berry is a real Beotch in every way. I wish Aubry had custody of their daughter!

  14. Well that’s just dumb. Booted back to Canada? Not too likely. Have you not heard of a green card which allows people to work in the U.S.? And Berry is not going to stay in France. Once things go sour with Martinez she’ll be back in California.

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