Seal Reunites With Kids In Sydney

Seal was at Sydney, Australia’s Kingsford-Smith Airport yesterday to greet his kids Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou as they arrived in town to spend some time with dad (June 10).

The ‘Kiss From A Rose’ singer, who was hard to miss in his bright red velvet scarf, has taken up temporary residence Down Under while he stars on the Aussie version of The Voice.

Seal’s soon-to-be ex-wife Heidi Klum has also been keeping busy these days; the 39-year-old Project Runway host was in Madrid, Spain last week promoting the European cosmetics brand Astor.

The parents-of-four split in January after almost 7 years of marriage.


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  1. I’m curious, does Seal have completely equal rights to Leni even though he and Heidi aren’t together now? Obviously he’s her father in every way that matters, but is he legally?

    Lou is getting so big now! She’s beautiful.

  2. Yes, I understand that Leni is not his child biologically, but she is still not his child. She is Heidi’s and another man’s child. Don’t you think that Seal should be spending time with the three kids that are his??

    • He IS spending time with all of the children who are his. That includes the three that are biologically his as well as Leni. He raised her since she was born and is the only father she has ever known. Her biological father has never has any involvement in her life. Your attitude is extremely offensive toward all adopted children.

    • Why would you make such a statement?? Leni IS his child!
      I guess from your standpoint when adoptive parents adopt children they should spend no time with them because out there somewhere else in the world is their birth parent who gave up their rights??
      The man who “donated” his sperm to Heidi didn’t want to be Leni’s father as far as I know. That is why Seal stepped in and he’s always been there fore Leni. That IS his daughter and he as a right to spend as much time with her as he wants as well as his other kids.

  3. What is with his painted fingernails and toenails, which are really fugly to look at by the way. Gross!!!!!!!!!

  4. Seal adopted Leni she has his last name. Seal has all the right that he has with his other 3 kids and i am really glad to see he is acting on those right.

  5. It looks like that the children only take the plane with their nannies..i can’t understand that..heidi and seal should both cancel their promotions and then they would have much more time..
    Heidi was in Cannes, Madrid,…i have the feeling that the kids are always alone..with their nannies..
    Really really sad 🙁

    • LOL… you’re such an idiot. Their kids are fine, traveling with the nanny to go see their dad is not the worst thing that’ll ever happen to them.

  6. Sheila – he LEGALLY adopted her therefore he is her father. No, he’s not her biological father but in a court of law, he is her father. Besides, her biological father wants nothing to do with her.

  7. Seriously, did all 15 people not see that everyone else already said he adopted her, jeez!! Everyone loves to be a know it all!

    • Are you new here? Sometimes it takes hours and hours for a post you make to show up. In that time, no one else knows that someone else already answered the question.

      Stop judging things that you know nothing about (or how about stop judging altogether?).

  8. Hiedi started Datong him while she was pregnant and directly after the father of Lenin refused the she wasn’t heart breaking she was only disappointment that the old rich man wasn’t an old fool

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