Tiffany Thornton Blog: “No Sleep…Already?!”

Mom-to-be Tiffany Thornton is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers to follow along as she experiences her first pregnancy. The So Random! star and husband Christopher Carney expect a son (that they’ve already named KJ) this summer.

In her first guest blog, Tiffany opens up about feeling overwhelmed with thirst and pregnancy sleep deprivation at 31 weeks along. The Disney star suggests other moms-to-be should “buy a calming night light” for those frequent “need-to-pee” moments, and also offers some earth-friendly and cost-saving tips. Read on…

No Sleep…Already?!

So I know they tell you to gear up for running on no sleep after the baby is born but what about before?

I’m now 7 months along and last night was my first night where I barely slept at all. I like to think of myself as quite a great sleeper. When you film on set for 14 hours a day, you learn to sleep pretty much anywhere. I always say a plane is my second bedroom. I’ve been blessed by the sleep fairy in my past, being able to fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night. Now that I’m pregnant there is always the ‘need-to-pee’ moment when your body jolts you awake and says, ‘I’m full, time to empty out that ice water you couldn’t resist right before bed.’ That I’ve gotten used to and am usually able to fall back asleep as soon as I crawl back under my warm covers.

My first trimester this ‘need-to-pee’ moment happened probably 6 times a night. My second trimester seemed like a breeze with most nights only averaging 3 trips to my bathroom. Now that I’m in my third trimester, I’m back to 6 times a night.

Side note: As soon as you find out you are pregnant, buy a calming night light that you can plug in in your bathroom, that way you can see your way around without blinding yourself with the bright bathroom light. I think this helps to fall back asleep faster when you return to your bed and turning on and off the light is one less task. We bought our porcelain plug in angel night light from a very special place called Brookwood Community outside of Houston, Texas. My great uncle Brian is brain damaged and lives there. All of the ‘kids’ as he calls them – adults who all have special needs – work on the property and live there as well. They paint the night lights and they are absolutely beautiful. They have a great selection so check them out at if you’d like. You’re going to buy one anyway so why not give to a great cause?

Back to the third trimester bathroom trips. For some reason last night I just could not quench my thirst. I always keep a small thermos with ice water in it next to my bed because it seems I’m thirstiest at night. I know they say not to drink water right before bed because that will cause the frequent trips to the bathroom but trust, me when you are pregnant and you are thirsty there is just no avoiding it. Well, last night I finished that water off the first time I woke up. I told myself I wouldn’t need more and just to fall back asleep. Then I rolled around unable to get comfortable for at least an hour. I finally fell asleep and immediately went into a dream where I was drinking a huge glass of ice water. I woke up, needed to pee, went to the restroom, then tried to fall back asleep.

My husband asked me if I was okay and offered me his room temperature water but I refused. All I wanted was that big glass of ice water but 15 stairs and a long walk to the kitchen kept me in bed. I proceeded to fall asleep again when I had another dream just like the one before! Ugh. After countless trips to the bathroom I finally gave in at 5 a.m. and went down to the kitchen, made the big glass of ice water and filled my thermos with ice water. I came back upstairs unable to sleep and by 6 a.m. all of the ice water was gone!

As I’m writing this I’m wondering if there is any solution to this dilemma I am facing. The bathroom trips I’m plenty used to and am barely even phased by anymore, but the not sleeping thing….definitely not my cup of tea. I never really fell back asleep after I finished the ice water. I guess we shall see tonight if I can sleep, or if being 31 weeks pregnant has just introduced me to sleepless nights for the duration of my pregnancy.

And yes, I drink a lot of water throughout the day so I know I didn’t dehydrate myself yesterday. Hmmmm, I guess only time will tell. From now on, I’m going to have keep a jug of ice water by my bed just in case, ha ha.

In the end it’s all worth it, though, and I’ve been blessed thus far to not have had any major problems so I’ll keep the unquenchable thirst and sleepless nights and count myself lucky.

One more side note: I find it best to grab a thermos or large water bottle that fits in your car cup holder and always take it with you while you are pregnant. Before I had mine I would find myself happily driving along and all of a sudden, without warning, I would feel as if I has been stuck in the desert for 4 days with no water. It was a thirst I had never known before. The only thing even comparable would be childhood memories of being at a theme park, waiting in line for a ride for 2 hours without anything to drink and feeling a wave of envy run through you as a person walking by was slowly sipping on a nice, tall cup of lemonade.

Trust me mommas-to-be, this water bottle will become your best friend and will save you money you’ll waste stopping at a gas station. Not to mention it’s much more earth friendly!

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