Hilary Duff: Having A Baby Has “Made Our Marriage Stronger”

As many moms out there know, the new arrival of a little one can put stress and strain on even the toughest marriage. However, new mama Hilary Duff is claiming the birth of her baby boy Luca has actually worked in her favor – bringing her and her retired hockey player hubby Mike Comrie even closer together.

“It’s made [our marriage] stronger,” the 24-year-old Disney star gushes to Hollyscoop. “Having a baby is a lot of hard work and you really depend on each other for a lot.”

“There is so much love,” she adds. “You can’t imagine it until it happens to you and you look at your husband and you’re like, ‘We did this together.’ It’s a really beautiful thing and we are enjoying it. There are no words.”

[Having a child] has just done so much for our family. Mike and I were married before and that’s a great feeling but to really have a child and feel that connection, that unit, it really has been an incredible journey.”

Although Hilary is the first one to admit that parenthood isn’t perfect and wonderful all the time, she says even the not-so-fun stuff feels meaningful and rewarding.

“[There’s] lots of hard work, [but] it’s fantastic,” she shares. “Mike and I were married before and that’s a great feeling, but to really have a child and feel that connection, that unit, it really has been an incredible journey.”

So why didn’t they sell pictures to the magazines to introduce their new bundle like many other celeb couples?

“I understand why people sell photos and hopefully give the money to charities, we got those offers too and I just didn’t want to do that,” admits Hilary. “This is our child and we really wanted to start off protecting him. I tweeted pictures of him and showed him to the world in that way, [but] we are trying to give him the best chance to have a normal start.”

And even though it’s only been 10 weeks, the new mama already has baby number 2 on the brain.

“Of course but we are going to enjoy this one first.”

Hilary and Mike welcomed baby Luca on March 20th.

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  1. I’m really happy for her but I think it’s a dangerous thing to say. No one should have a child to make their relationship stronger. I know that’s not what she’s saying and it’s not why they had a child but someone might read this and think it’s a good idea.

    • She never said she had him to make her marriage stronger. She said her marriage got stronger after she had him. There’s a HUGE difference.

      Are you seriously worried about some random person thinking, “Wow, Hillary Duff had a baby and her marriage got stronger. I wonder if that will work for me? I’m going to give it a try!”. Pulleeeze.

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