Rande Gerber & Presley: Stanley Cup Playoffs

Rande Gerber and his son Presley, nearly 13, were seen arriving at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. to watch the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup on Monday (June 11). Model mom Cindy Crawford and little sis Kaia, 10, were not spotted with the handsome pair.

“The thing that I have learned is that your kids don’t really listen to what you say, but they watch how you behave,” Cindy recently said. “I think my husband and I are both pretty grounded and they see that.”

The supermodel continued: “Their life is certainly different than my life was as a kid, but they don’t really want a lot. We live in Malibu, which to some people who have never been here, it sounds very fancy, but it’s actually like a small town. They’re happy being outside, and my son is in the water every day after school. It’s not this decadent, luxurious lifestyle.”


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    • right?!?! he looks extremely feminine… i’m sure he’s all boy in his own right, but that beauty mark and that stick straight white blonde hair scream GIRL!

  1. owwwou! He is…beautiful!!
    Looks like there is gonna be other model in the family, hun?
    I know it isn´t a competition but I think he is the one who should be modeling not his sister.

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