Catelynn Lowell: I’m Not Pregnant

Although the new cover of In Touch magazine claims that Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell, 20, is pregnant with her second child, Lowell tells Us Weekly that the story is not true.

“Don’t believe everything you read, I’m definitely not pregnant!” she says. “I’m on the pill. And, I’m only 20–I don’t want to have kids until I’m out of school and we’re married.”

Three years ago, Lowell and now fiancé Tyler Baltierra, 19, placed their daughter Carly for adoption.

The engaged couple admit that they’re still grappling with that hard decision, but their relationship with Carly’s adoptive parents has “gotten stronger.”

In the recent season premiere of Teen Mom, the couple reunited with Carly on her second birthday. “It’s one of the most emotional things on the premiere,” Baltierra says. “She’s totally different [now] — she’s walking and talking!”

The couple are set to wed July 15, 2013.

The final season of Teen Mom airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. (EST) on MTV.


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  1. Of course she’s not pregnant, she’s just fat!
    Tyler is handsome and clever boy, I wonder what is he still doing with her.

    • That is a horrible thing to say!
      Get off this site, you troll!
      I hope you feel big and proud of yourself, sitting behind a computer, ripping into other people.
      Saying things like that about other people, lets the rest of the readers know how unhappy you are in your own life. I sincerely hope that you seek professional help for your self esteem problems and your need to put other people down for your own personal happiness.
      Good day & please get help (because when you do – the world will be a better, nicer and kinder place)

  2. It seems the media, including C.B.S., keeps attaching the word “pregnant” to headlines about Catelynn which must be awful for this very responsible Teen Mom who made a very wise yet unpopular choice for her baby. The media should be backing this gal all the way.

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