Patti Stanger: Why I Want A Domestic Adoption, A Boy Over 3

On her new blog, Patti Stanger is revealing all the exclusive details surrounding her upcoming adoption, including her hopes for the gender and nationality of the baby, and all about her new man.

“It’s only semi-secret that the next season of Millionaire Matchmaker is flipping the tables on me and my team is setting me up on dates to find my perfect mate,” Patti shares. “I want to focus on me. I want to have a family. You guys are the first to know: I have a new boyfriend, and we’ve discussed the adoption. It’s a possibility. It’s not 100 percent. Nothing is 100 percent.”

The 51-year-old reality TV star goes on to talk about her reasons for wanting to adopt.

“As any adoptive parents already know, this is going to be a process for me and it won’t happen overnight,” she shares. “I have to investigate it. I have lawyers I’m checking into.”

The famous matchmaker goes on to share her own story of adoption.

“And adoption itself hits very close to home for me. I’m adopted myself, and I don’t like the fact that I never knew my biological parents,” she writes. “My sister did. She was lucky. Nobody will tell me anything, so we are working with a private investigator on Millionaire Matchmaker Season 6 and I’m searching.”

“About the sex: I would especially love to have a son,” she admits. “Not that I wouldn’t love a girl to dress up, but I would especially love to have a son so I can teach him how to be a gentlemen. But of course, the most important thing to me is to have a healthy child.”

Patti has plans for her child to carry on the family business.

“Another biggie: I want someone to leave my business to — my legacy, if you will,” she says. “That’s one of the main reasons I want to have a child. If I got lucky and had a daughter who loved this business as much as I do, that would be great.”

She goes on to say, “I’ve never wanted to adopt alone… Now that I have a man in my life and we’ve unofficially put the idea on the table, I’m excited for the possibility. Like I said, nothing is 100 percent.”

And while she admires A-list moms like Madonna and Angelina Jolie, Patti plans a domestic adoption.

“I’ve also said that I want to adopt from the states. I have nothing against Angelina and Madonna,” Patti writes. “My hat is off to them. They have inspired me to adopt every day. I’m really in awe of them. I just feel an affinity for a child who is starting to understand the world without a mom or a dad. It breaks my heart. There are so many children in America who don’t have homes because they’re not babies. Once they get to ages 3 and up, nobody wants them.”

And it sounds like her man – who has children of his own – is in full support of her plans.

“I’d love to have a big family but I don’t know if it’s possible at my age. David, the man in my life, would make me a step mom… I love that,” Patti says.

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  1. That’s great that she is inspired to adopt a toddler or young child rather than only consider babies. Normally, 51 is on the upper limit of when you can successfully adopt so I wish Patty the best for a healthy, happy family.

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