Oksana Grigorieva & Lucia: Park Pals

Russian pianist and singer-songwriter Oksana Grigorieva, 42 – the ex-girlfriend of actor Mel Gibson – was seen enjoying a park date with the couple’s 2-year-old daughter Lucia in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Thursday (June 14).

It seems as though Mel is the subject of a tell-all, newly released e-book titled Heaven and Mel penned by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

According to Cleveland.com, the $2.99 download includes a plethora of troubling items: Gibson’s insane tirades, his enema machine, potty mouth, anti-Semitic screeds, rants against John Lennon (“He deserved to be shot”), John Paul II (“the Anti-Christ”) and Oksana (“I’m going to have her killed”).

It also describes Mel’s violent behavior, such as throwing his cellphone against a wall and knocking over a rec room totem pole.

The e-book went on sale June 6th.


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  1. FOr an unknown reason she reminds me of the olsen twins when they were 3/4/5 years old

    Yep. I know it’s a weird comment

  2. I dont understand why she let her daughter be without shoes in the sand box and why she herself walk without shoes in such a public place who is fill with dirt and bacteries. She think the sand is washed regulary and that no dogs goes there?

    She walk too fast for the kid, proving that she isnt used to interact with her, and go out with her, and of taking care of a child, and that she dont care about her.
    Again the child wears shoes who are oversized.
    It is obvious that oksa called the journalists herself as she is wearing an ultra white tunica and who wil wear such a thing when going to play out with your kids? It doesnt make sense.

    It takes more than playing a few (out of key) tunes on a piano to be called a pianist.
    As for song writer, she never wrote a song in her life.
    It should read “song stealer full of empty pretenses”.

    I can see that even the tabloids gave up calling her a singer.. lol
    With such a horrible and faulse voice, nobody can dare to call her anything close to a singer.
    Wounded moose and lyrics stealer with pianist pretentions, is more what she is.

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