Catelynn Lowell: “I Am Going To Be A Pregnancy Counselor”

It looks like Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have degrees – not diapers – on their minds for the immediate future.

“Don’t believe everything you read, I’m definitely not pregnant!” she told Us Weekly on Wednesday (June 13) after reports surfaced that the young couple were expecting their second child. “I’m on the pill. And, I’m only 20 — I don’t want to have kids until I’m out of school and we’re married.”

Both Catelynn and Tyler are currently enrolled in college.

“I am going to be a pregnancy counselor and Tyler wants to help at-risk youth and counsel at juvenile detention center,” Catelynn reveals about their post-graduate plans.

The couple are busy planning their July 13, 2013 wedding, which will take place at Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, Michigan.

“I wanted something different and unique,” Tyler explains of their venue, which features a historic chapel on the 21-acre grounds of Michigan’s old Scripps Farm. “Canterbury Village is really a majestic, elegant place.”

The couple is crossing their fingers that their 3-year-old  daughter Carly – who they put up for adoption at birth and who recently became a big sister when her adoptive parent welcomed a baby boy — will be in attendance for their big day.

“It would mean the world to me if Carly was at our wedding, because if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think we would be this far in our relationship and probably wouldn’t be getting married,” Tyler admits. “She totally solidified our whole relationship.”


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  1. I dont really follow this show but my teenage daughters do and they told me to watch an old episode when they visited their daughter with adopted parents. It was so touching. They showed so much love for their child by giving her up to mature loving parents. They are both such lovely people and with priorities and goals. I hope they get the success in life and love they deserve. Fingers crossed that daughter can attend wedding as well.

  2. They are definitely qualified. They made careful, loving decisions regarding their daughter and continue to be mature in how they handle their dealings with her and her adoptive families. Congratulations to them, they are outstanding role models considering all.

  3. Am I the only one who disagrees about them being selfless? Who says them giving away their daughter was in the DAUGHTER’S best interest? Sure they were scared, sure it would be tough, sure they didn’t know if they could handle it. Isn’t it that way for lots of parents?

    Let’s face it, we know what Amber makes every year being on that show, and even if Catelynn and Tyler make less (some reports say $60,000 a year each), it’s not like they couldn’t afford their daughter.

    It also looks like they’ve gotten their acts together, they still go to school, are planning for the future. Someone tell me why they couldn’t do this and raise the child they created? Because they didn’t want to, not because they couldn’t.

    Just two days ago, Caitlynn was quoted as saying, “… if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think we would be this far in our relationship and probably wouldn’t be getting married. She totally solidified our whole relationship.”

    Giving away your kid solidified your relationship? Eww.

    People should stop romanticizing adoption. It is not always the selfless act of an angelic couple giving their child a better home. Plenty of people give up kids simply because it doesn’t fit in with their plan.

    • well seen you decided to remain anoynomous!!! these two mature parents did not want there child growing up in the enviroment that they did and if you watch the show you would agree! why shouldnt a child go to a better home where they will rec all the care and attention they deserve. Ive got two kids myself however completely understand why they decided to have carly adopted it was a selfless act and more importantly has worked out best for all involved.

      • Everyone is anonymous here, you idiot. Look, I can post with the same name as you, what does that prove?

    • If you actually watched the show, you would see Catelynn and Tyler’s parents are in and out of jail. There is alcohol and drug abuse from both of their parents. The money they make from Teen Mom goes into a trust fund for their kid so their kid can afford school. Not every 16 year old WANTS to be a parent, or can handle the responsibility and if you watch the show, you see the adoptive parents giving her the life she DESERVES. So before you state your opinion, do your research. Ignorant.

    • I agree with you 100%. A lot of people support adoption and think it’s great but those people really are not using their brains or hearts in any way. ALL children want to know and see their biological parents no matter how good their adopted parents are. All children need biological parents and a child who is given up will always in their hearts feel neglected even if the bio parent(s) intended for the opposite. If you loved your child you would do whatever you could to be with them not give them away. In the end they are just going to want to know and search for their biological parent(s) anyways because that is what nature intended for children to be with their bio parents.

      • It was a difficult decision for them to give their daughter up for adoption, but they wanted her to have the best life possible. It is an open adoption so she will always know who they are and that what they did they did with her best interest at heart.

        • You are delusional about “open” adoption. There is nothing, I repeat: NOTHING, stopping their daughter’s parents from stopping all visitation with them. There is nothing in “open” adoption papers that’s different from any other adoption. The adoptive parents can put a stop to it at any time, and I bet you they will. Wait and see.

      • Unless you have a phd in psychology I would suggest to you that your opinion is over reaching and not to say it in front of people who have been adopted. I was adopted and have other friends that were and none of us feel neglected. We do not feel the need to search for our “bio” parents bc I already have patents who love me and I love them. Sure some kids will feel neglected but I would assume that children with “bio” parents can feel neglected or sad sometimes too. Just because you can’t understand why someone would give their child up for adoption, doesn’t make it wrong, it’s just different. And good things can come out of change.

    • Giving up your baby for adoption to a family who is longing to have a child is a selfless act. It takes a strong person to give your child up. People who are looking to adopt have been waiting a long time for a baby to love. And…Who cares what Amber is making on the show… Isn’t she in jail?????? Giving their baby up for adoption also saved her from being on that train wreck of a show.

    • I actually agree with you.
      I have watched the show from the beginning and Cate and Tyler have moved out all over the place…with NO jobs, they have been able to afford a car of their own, nice furniture, apartments, nice clothing etc.

      If you really wanted to keep your child, you would do everything and anything to give that child what they deserve. Every loving parent would. They didn’t. If it was home issues, I’m pretty sure that Tyler’s mother would have been able to provide them a shelter till they got their acts together. But sad thing is Tyler & Catelynn spent all day laying in bed talking about how they wouldn’t be able to live their life how they wanted with her.

      All I’m saying is that Butch & April will never change their attitudes/lifestyle. Is every kid they have going to be placed into adoption just because they don’t want them around?

      Although adoption can be a good thing, I just feel like these two didn’t do it for the reasons they say. And as for the “closed” adoption, Brandon & Teresa can easily stop them from any contact with Carly. They lready put a stop to MTV filming her…

  4. She was on an episode of 16&pregnant which as far as I know they do not get paid for. They did not know at the time the producers would come to them and say, “hey lets put you in our series Teen Mom!” Maybe they did. We have no idea. Catelynn and Tyler not only did what they thought was best for Carly but they did what was best for them too. They realize now that they can live on with their dreams of being what they want without having a baby to hold them back from doing that. It’s not as simple as it sounds and things don’t last forever (this season is the LAST season) so it’s not like they can continue to live off of the MTV salary.
    Comments like this only validate why some people are scared to give up their kids because others will judge them for what they did.
    Catelynn and Tyler went through a lot with Carly and I do believe tragic situations can make you stronger as people and bring you closer. Ty and Cate could of gone a complete opposite route with each other and ended things now that their was no baby involved for them to be held together by! I love Ty and Cate and I think out of all the teen moms (and even 16&preggo) moms they are by far the most mature couple who seem to be the only one’s with direction.

  5. Really, Anonymous? Are you serious? At the time of filming their 16 and pregnant episode they made the decision about adoption. They had no clue how big the show would get, they were the trial group. They didn’t know a spin off would be created. These shows air about a year after filming. You’re acting like they could predict the future. They totally made the right decision at the time. They had dysfunctional living conditions, and wanted better for Carly.

    If the show hadn’t been a success they would probably still be living with their parents, and I don’t think it would be healthy. I can see how this has made their relationship stronger, the way they coped has been fantastic. I’m really proud of these two, they’re really turning their lives around, and encouraging others to do the same.

    • They got $25,000 EACH to be on the original Teen Mom, so don’t pretend their decision had ANYTHING to do with money. In the area they live in, do you have any idea how far $50,000 goes?! Stop being so naive!

      As far as I’m concerned, you make the decision that’s best for the long-term well-being of your child, not yourself. It is what it is, it’s their life, just stop pretending that this was some magnanimous selfless act.

      • It is an extremely selfless thing to do. And it is not about the money. Their parents were drug addicts with violent tendencies. She had to live in that mess for a while. Bringing a baby into that would be the selfish thing to do. And if you think it isn’t then there is something very wrong with you. Because having a child growup in that is in the childs worst interest. Take it from a product of adoption Carly will get soo much love growing up.

      • OMG- I agree w/ Bailey! Who are you “Anonymous?” Ignorant prick is so right! These two wonderful teenagers did the right thing and you are the IGNORANT one for not seeing that! Even if they don’t live with their parents in those horrible conditions (drugs, abuse, etc.), they are still around it and so would Carly if she was with them. These are two of the most endearing and wonderful teenagers I have ever seen! I just LOVE THEM!

  6. I want to believe this, but then again I can’t. I rewatched her Teen Mom Season 1 episode, and she stated she was on Mirena. She said the same on the reunion with Dr. Drew, sooo why is she on the pill?

    Maybe she’s waiting to sell out to the highest bidder later on. ?

  7. I am shocked by some of these comments about adoption. I am the adoptive mother of a 12 month old baby boy who is the light of our life..He was born to a bithmother who used meth the whole he was in her. If we had not adopted him he would have not been able to go home with his birth mother due to the drug abuse. She knew that she could not give him the life that he needed and where she was in her life she at that point did not even have a home to call her own. I am happy to say she is doing great and I have great hopes for her. She loves this little guy, and she loved him enough to tell the doctors the truth and to ask for some family to love and care for him. I send her pics all the time and I am going to have her see him very soon. I know that this was a wake up call for her because I know that she could never go through that kind of pain again. It is not that she just did not want him and that he did not “fit into her life” She was ill and could not take care of him the way he needed and she stepped up as a woman and a mother and said, ” help” I can’t do this right..I love her for that and I respect anybody that can make that choice, for it is not an easy one..

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