Ethan Hawke: It’s Awesome Raising A Teenage Daughter

Ethan Hawke says raising his 13-year-old daughter Maya is “awesome”.

The 41-year-old actor says, “I know she’s a miracle happening. It’s awesome. People always warn me that it’s going to be challenging having a teenage daughter, and the truth is it’s one of the most exciting things that’s ever happened to me. She’s a remarkable kid.’’

He’s currently promoting his new movie The Woman in the Fifth. He plays a frustrated American writer who moves to Paris to be closer to his young daughter – a role he can relate to.

“I try to let every character that you play feel like they hit close to home. You know, whether the details of your life are similar or not, it’s still a fiction. But what you want to do is make it personal to you.”

With other films coming out this year – Sinister and Total Recall – his priorities are with his children, Maya and Levon, 10, Clementine, 3, and Indiana, 11 months.

Hawke said, “My to-do list involves laundry and picking up kids from school. You know it’s all the ordinary things of life. The work stuff, I just try to let it happen and see where it takes me.”




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  1. If you think your teenage daughter is “awesome”, I have a good feeling you don’t know what she’s up to 😉

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