Matt Bomer On Father’s Day With His Boys: “Being Together Is Pretty Great”

White Collar star Matt Bomer, 34, and his partner, publicist Simon Halls, are looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day with their sons Kit, 7, and 4-year-old twins Walker and Henry.

“We like to do outdoor, active things,” Matt tells PEOPLE. “Swim in the pool, barbecue, jump on the trampoline, and just have fun as a family.”

On Father’s Day, their children “usually have some kind of surprise for us, which is really great,” Matt – who recently guest-starred on Glee – claims.

However,  “with three young boys, it’s a very kinetic household in general. They’re up and at ‘em at 6 in the morning and running around, and we’re chasing them around,” he laughs.

“We don’t need anything other than that,” he adds. “Being together is pretty great.”

And while he says he wouldn’t change a thing, he admits things might be a bit more mellow with little girls in the mix.

“I think it would probably temper some of the boys’ rowdiness in a way,” he says. “But we’re so blessed and lucky to have the kids we have so I can’t sit here and complain or say, ‘What if.’”

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