Milla Jovovich & Ever Hug It Out

Zoolander star Milla Jovovich and her 4-year-old daughter Ever were spotted in New York City on Thursday (June 14). After lunching at Gemma in Manhattan, the mother-daughter duo were seen sharing a hug before shopping at Lord & Taylor.

Milla’s latest flick, Resident Evil: Retribution, is set to hit theaters this September. The science-fiction action horror film was written and directed by her husband, Paul W. S. Anderson.

Click here to see the recently released official trailer, showing Milla’s character Alice being attacked by zombies!

“There’s so much stuff that’s not even in the trailer, that’s so amazing,” Jovovich said. “There’s so much crazy stuff that’s not in the trailer, just because it’s not ready yet. The really amazing thing in this movie is how global it is… because it really takes place around the world – including New York.”

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