Oscar Jackman: Bongo Kid

Oscar Jackman was seen leaving the family’s residence in New York City on Wednesday (June 13). The son of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness wore a colorful combination of a green hoodie and black and blue striped cotton pants. He was also carrying a bongo drum and a bright blue bag.

Hugh recently said in an interview that Oscar just wants him to be a dad.

The actor shared, “My son is 12 and he just wants me to be dad. He doesn’t want me to be famous. He doesn’t like when people come up to me on the street. He would much prefer if nobody knew who I was. Although, I’ve seen him in social situations when he didn’t think I was listening, and he once said to a girl, ‘Well, my dad is Wolverine.’ So when it came to try to talk to this girl, apparently it came in handy!”

Hugh flew in from Europe to be with his family and be at the Tony Awards last Sunday. He received a surprise when his wife presented him with a special award on stage.

He gushed to her, “I love you with all my heart. I know how much you hate public speaking; this is probably the greatest thing you’ve ever done for me. Really. It means the world to me.”



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  1. Hugh Jackman is in a sham marriage of convenience to Deborrah Lee Furness and therefore the sham marriage perpetuates a sham family and this child is in a unloving family and Hugh Jackman lives in NYC on the Hudson River side in a three bedroom house and he lives on the third floor and this boy – Oscar and his sister Ava who were adopted as his lesbian wife says she had two miscarriages to lie to adopt them, well these two children and the Lesbian wife Deb Lee Furness live on the other floors and this family life is such a travesty of love that there is no love there when in the world today gay and straight want good loving honest relationships and marriages perpetuated and people think he is gay and this lesbian wife is the one he lets dispel rumors of his being gay by saying “they deal with it” when she should just admit she is the lesbian and he just plays gays in plays, to live lives of lies and shadows in this day is not needed and people do not respect lies and being lied to with their bought paparazzi that they pay to take “family pictures’ as Hugh Jackman himself looks over the paparazzi pictures he pays for and picks the most “family and loving ones” and does not let the ones of his anger and dispondency and misery ever be shown but you can see them lately in his red eyes and greying beard and aging face as living lives of lies are like slowly dieing, till he finds real love with a straight woman and divorces this mess and Deb Lee Furness admits she is lesbian and tries to find love herself he will slowly deteriorate it is thought, lets hope he and she divorce and find truth separately and the world will breathe a sigh of relief with another lie dispelled with love finding new love and perpetuating new love and love and love everywhere

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