Rachel Zoe & Her Lil’ Dinner Date

Rachel Zoe took her 1-year-old son Skyler out to dinner in New York City on Wednesday (June 13). Even though the toddler can walk – the celebrity stylist carried him to their destination.

Zoe is now a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Board. The organization – consisting of over 350 of America’s fashion and accessory designers – admitted 26 new members, including the Bravo reality star.

She Tweeted: “Beyond excited to announce my admittance into the @CFDA…so honored, what a surreal moment! xoRZ”

It’s no surprise she’s part of the CFDA since she’s become a successful designer. One of her newest handbag creations is named after her stylish babe. It’s called “Morrison” – named after Skyler Morrison Berman.



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  1. I think her necklace could be offensive to anyone who may have lost a friend or family member in a hanging.

    Just Saying.

    • I think the necklace is ugly but seriously?? Saying that people could be offenced becaused someone they knew hanged himself is a little bit overeacting

  2. She is forever wearing that necklace. I am not sure if it is very fashionable right now BUT to me it looks more like a fancy curtain tie back (as a matter of fact my grandmother had exact same one holding back her living room curtains.

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