Best Pictures Of The Week

We love seeing pictures of our favorite celebrities and their adorable families!

And we’ve seen some great pics this week! On Thursday, we saw Larry Birkhead and his gorgeous daughter Dannielynn spending some one-on-one time in the Big Apple. We also spotted Snooki scootin’ along the New Jersey shore on Tuesday, and we saw Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes and her son Phyllon having a park playdate on Wednesday.

Take a look through our top 20+ best pictures of the week…


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  1. Why is he famous he was not a star. Only came one when Her addict mom
    Died . So why show her? Her mom was famous for being a addict!…

    Why are they sooo Important!

  2. Why is it bothering up you do much, I can see if he was pimping her out 24/7 to the media but as it is we only see her once or twice a year so I’m not seeing the big deal.

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