Happy 11th Birthday Lola Consuelos!

Name: Lola Grace Consuelos

Date of Birth: June 16, 2001

Parents: Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

Siblings: Michael, 15, & Joaquin, 9


♥ Lola was born in New York City

♥ She weighed 8lbs & 3oz at birth


♥ “Isn’t she yummy? And she’s huge. She’s Big Lola. Michael had one of his little friends over, but this friend is actually not so little. And the boys were pushing Lola around. She was trying to get her bath toys, and anything she touched they ripped out of her hand while pushing her away. So she came up behind them both and grabbed them by the back of their necks and knocked the two of them onto the ground. Both of these boys started crying. Bawling, actually. While Lola just stood there and went back to her toys.” – Kelly on her second born child.

♥ “For one thing, parent-teacher conferences are night-and-day experiences. We sometimes say Lola’s parent-teacher conferences are what get us through the boys’. However, at home our boys are no work — they play nicely together, they’re peaceful, they never fight. Whereas the school describes our daughter, and I’m in shock: They say she’s an angel, the peacemaker. I’m thinking, You’ve got to be kidding me. I once watched her walk up and kick her brother in front of me, then turn around and say she hadn’t done it, with such conviction. Those are the differences. And for whatever reason, she smells better.” – Kelly on the difference between raising girls and boys.

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