Woody Allen & Daughters Hug It Out In Beverly Hills

Woody Allen, Soon-Yi Previn and their daughters Bechet and Manzie were seen outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (June 15). The director gave his girls a hug even though they didn’t look too enthusiastic. On Thursday night his new film To Rome With Love was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

At the press conference Friday morning he talked about the perks of being famous.

According to The Hollywood Reporter he said, “You get better seats at the basketball game, and you get better tables and reservations places, and if I call a doctor on Saturday morning I can get him. There’s a lot of things that you don’t get if you’re not famous. Now, I’m not saying it’s fair – it’s kind of disgusting – but I can’t say I don’t enjoy it.”

He also said that celebrities shouldn’t make fame a big deal.

“There are drawbacks in being famous, but you can live with those too. They’re not life-threatening. You know, if the paparazzi are outside your restaurant or your house and actors make such a big thing and scurry into the car and drape things over their head – you think they’re going to be crucified or something – but it’s not a big deal. You can get used to that.”

“It’s not so terrible,” he confessed. “The bad stuff is greatly outweighed by the dinner reservations.”



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  1. pedophiles will always be pedophiles and Sunyi or whatever her name is should have NEVER been allowed to adopt , especially girls. his own biological son wants nothing to do with this pig but Hollywood celebrates this sick demented individual. disgusting.

  2. cannot help but look at this pic and think something is really wrong, the pink shorts girl has her arms crossed and an angry expression, i bet all the moneyint he world he has molested her because that is not the look of a happy girl! look how they are dressed, kinda sleezy for being so young, tha girl dont like him

  3. Have any of you ever been teenagers? I remember many times my dad trying to hug me many times growing up and I would pull away because I thought I was just too cool for school. He wasn’t a pedophile. I was just a know it all teenager.

  4. People will excuse Woody Allen for anything because he is a big time director. He came into Mia Farrow’s life and started an affair with her 15 year old daughter while engaged to Mia. He took nude pictures of Soon Yi when she was 15 and totally took advantage of a girl with a borderline mentality according to the experts who examined her. There is something going on in that household with these two girls in the photograph that will come to light in a few years just wait and see.

  5. That looks like a bit more than “uncomfortable teenager”. I was one of those, not angry just not touchy feely type teens that wasn’t big on hugs and kind of a flat expression but nothing like that. Odd.

  6. These pictures are disturbing simply because it’s Woody Allen, one of the grossest men on the planet.

    Had it been anyone else, you could imagine that the girls are simply upset by something and he’s trying to comfort them.

    Again, because it’s Woody Allen, the photos make me want to vomit.

    • Vomit? Seriously? There’s something wrong when a photo of strangers and random speculation into their lives makes you want to vomit. Perhaps you’re letting the tabloid media get the better of you.

  7. A photograph captures a single moment in time. A second later, it might have been an entirely different picture. We’ve all suffered through bad photographs… there’s even a website devoted to awkward photos. Don’t read too much into a single picture. A photo can’t tell you what you’re thinking, feeling, hoping, fearing… or much else. A lot of grand assumptions, judgement and vitriol here. I envy those on here who have never had a bad photo taken of them… you’re very fortunate.

  8. Lots of people drawing lots of conclusions without even knowing the context of the picture. Maybe the kid doesn’t like being stalked by TMZ and every pap out there, maybe she’s just your garden variety surly teen, maybe she and the sister had a fight and he’s making them hug it out and she’s still mad. But no, let’s go straight for molested by dad and unprotected by mom; it’s certainly a better story and makes the holier than thou types very excited.

    • Well, considering he’s both father and brother-in-law to his three children with Mia Farrow, I think most people are creeped out by his past history & sexual tendency towards young, adoptive girls. His only biological child, Ronan Farrow, won’t even have anything to do with him since he says that his father being married to his older sister disgusts him. It’s not holier-than-thou when the guy’s own son wants nothing to do with him & is suspicious of him.

  9. get a life all you fwits you have no proof of any thing clean up ur own back yard before u judge some one instead of making rumours

  10. I think Dylan can remember what happened to her at age 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Maybe at age 7 her brain was developed enough to verbalize how wrong it felt for her Dad to have his head in her lap while her bottom was naked. She also knew it did not feel loving, when her dad had her isolated in the attic telling her to lay on her tummy while she was again not wearing any panties, while she heard/felt his heavy breathing on her back. His self-gratification has scarred her for life and now this PR machine continues to scar her.
    Stop dismissing the fact that a child does have a memory at age 7, they just do not have the maturity to decipher what the adult is doing to them due to lack of sexual experience.

    I think the body language of the two girls speaks volumes. Their faces look detached very similar to the expression of photos of a young Dylan when photographed with Allen.

  11. Any doubts in your minds about these particular photos…have a look at other photos over the years. Those faces and body language are not isolated incidences. How about even when these two girls were little …and onward…the same looks on the children’s faces (bewildered, scared, haunted, angry…) and body language…sometimes even strangely cowering clingingly with him. What else do we see?…they all make me feel a very unsettling …unease. Are there any happy, relaxed, laughing faces of these two out there on the Internet?…especially when they were little. It’s almost impossible for little kids to not be seen laughing and happy. In their more recent pictures (like these here at the Beverly Wilshire 2012) have a look at the mom’s (Soon-Yi) face. Hmm…. OK. Then go back and find photos over the years of Mia and Woody’s brood and check out the children’s faces and body language.

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