Giuliana & Bill Rancic Reveal The Sex Of Their Baby

Giuliana and Bill Rancic revealed the sex of their baby at their baby shower in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (June 17).

The couple had sent out an invitations designed with pink and blue colors. It reads: “Blue or Pink: What Do You Think?” Well the wait is over! reports the gender.

Bill said, “We are beyond excited to be having a little boy.”

Giuliana added, “We are so ready for everything that comes with being a new mom and dad!. We just can’t wait!”

Last month Bill told People, “Everyone’s trying to guess. My parents are convinced it’s a boy, because we’re Italian and it’s our first. Then my best friend is convinced it’s a girl. So it’s interesting to hear what everyone thinks and why. I’m not in that situation most women are where they can tell how I’m carrying, or if I’m nauseous. It’s like Vegas, black or red.”

The couple announced in April that they were expecting their first child together via gestational surrogate. Looks like the blue baby gifts will be coming in!



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  1. Didn’t they pretty much use science to have their biological child so what makes you think they didn’t also choose the gender???!!

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