Jack Osbourne: I Have Multiple Sclerosis

New dad Jack Osbourne revealed some shocking news today: He has multiple sclerosis.

The diagnosis came just 3 weeks after he and his fiancee Lisa Stelly welcomed their adorable daughter Pearl in April.

“I was just angry and frustrated and kept thinking, ‘Why now?’ ” Jack, 26, tells People. “I’ve got a family and that’s what’s supposed to be the most important thing.”

“The timing was so bad,” he adds. “I’d just had a baby, work was going great.”

Jack’s mom Sharon Osbourne also opened up about the diagnosis, saying that she blames herself.

“I kept thinking: ‘What did I do wrong, what did I eat or drink when I was pregnant?,’ the America’s Got Talent judge admits. “I feel like it’s somehow my fault.”

Sister Kelly Osbourne, meanwhile, took to Twitter tonight to commend Jack, who revealed his diagnosis in hopes of raising awareness: “please support my brother @mrjacko in not only his bravery but honesty! i love you so much jack & I’m so proud of you! ” she wrote.

Though multiple sclerosis is an incurable neurological condition, there are treatments available that may slow the disease’s progress. The BBC reports that Jack will use daily drug treatments, holistic therapies and lifestyle changes.

Our thoughts are with Jack and his family.


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  1. This is so sad :'( I really hope it doesnt get bad for a long time….. Praying for your family! I love you all!

  2. What awful news!
    Being an MS-patient myself, I wish him all the luck and strength in the world. Unfortunately, he’ll need it. 🙁

  3. Good luck to him. My grandmother suffered from this for over forty years before she died. I hated seeing what she went through.

  4. He’s got some tough times ahead. Luckily for him, he’s the got resources and family support. He’s going to need both.

  5. Jack thoughts and prayers!!!! Congrats on your new baby. Osbourne’s are fighters. You all have been through so much. You too will fight this head on. Thank you for raising awareness regarding MS!

  6. That’s just horrible and unfair. He always seemed like a really likeable guy to me. Timing couldn’t have been worse now as he’s got a family of his own. I send my prayers to him and his family <3

    • Ironically, to the MS itself, timing must have been perfect. All emotionally stirring events – whether positive or negative (death of a beloved, becoming a parent, moving, a career-switch- you name it) – can trigger an MS exacerbation. Also, first symptoms of MS usually appear in mid-twenties. So you could say, in Jack’s case this was ‘the perfect storm’ 🙁

      I doubt his family will read this, but to whomever is in the same position as Sharon, and feels they could have done something to prevent this from happening: you couldn’t. Not one single bit.
      The exact cause of MS is still unknown, but all theories say it’s a complex combination of very diverse factors (including the climate of the country you were born in). So please, please: never blame yourself, if you or your child gets MS.

  7. I was diagnosed at 17,it sucks……the best meds that i have taken is Tysaberi, a once month treatment…..being a father now,congrats…you will have all time for your new family

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