Selma Blair: Baby On Board?

Maybe it’s just hopeful thinking, but it sure seems like Selma Blair has a big announcement to make!

The Anger Management actress, 39, appears to be sporting a baby bump these days. When photographed on Father’s Day (June 17) alongside partner Jason Bleick and their nearly 11-month-old son Arthur, the Cruel Intentions star wore a loose-fitting striped T-shirt in West Hollywood, Calif.

And it’s not just us! Celebrity Baby Scoop readers have been speculating a pregnancy for weeks. In early May, we spotted the mother-son duo in Hollywood, Calif. just before Mother’s Day with a possible baby bump.

What do you think? Is Selma expecting baby No. 2?


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  1. There’s other pictures from that day here where her shirt rode up and it doesn’t look like she’s pregnant. At least to me, anyway.

  2. Totally not pregnant. It’s just the angle of the photo combined with the fit of her shirt. Look at her side view in photo number 7. No bump. She’s a very tiny girl. Barely a 100 pounds and only about 5′ 3″ tall. With a tiny frame like hers you could look bloated just by eating a bagel.

    And this photo here was taken a week ago. I think she looks amazing and trim, not pregnant. But another baby would be awesome though! Look how beautiful little Arthur turned out to be.

  3. This ‘bump speculation’ stuff needs to stop. No wonder there are so many eating disorders in the world. If you’re one pound over, everyone is talking about it.

  4. Dear Celebrity Baby Scoop,
    Nice going. If you had taken the time to look at a few other recent photos of Selma, you’d realize she wasn’t pregnant. Just a bad angle in this particular photo. And I noticed you mentioned her directly on Twitter. How inconsiderate of you CBS. I feel bad for her! Read her Twitter response here. She doesn’t even have a tummy! She looks amazing and has so since a month after giving birth!

    PS – I agree with Meghan. Hollywood especially. These ladies have a tremendous amount of pressure to look good.

  5. really about once a month I look about 2 months pregnant myself. It’s called menstration, bloating, retaining too much water! UGH! Not to mention her child is 11 months old, perhaps she hasn’t lost her little tummy yet!

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